If Anyone is Guilty of Felony Animal Neglect, it is LAAS and Boks

Boks lets turtles die of illness from overcrowding in his shelter, and then kills 700. That's okay. Someone has a few too many cats and a cluttered house, that's not okay.

Boks lets animals kill each other in the shelter in vicious dog fights. That's okay. Someone has five dogs that aren't killing each other, that's not okay.

Animal abuse, neglect, hoarding, is whatever the Departments wants it to be. The Department was definitely an animal hoarder last year. The overcrowding caused twice as many animals to die from illness and injury, lack of care. That's animal cruelty, neglect to me. Mason's animals weren't dying, yet they took them, and killed them.

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Anonymous said...

"If Anyone is Guilty of Felony Animal Neglect, it is LAAS and Boks."

Amen to that. Many animals in their care are being negelcted. Honestly what a bunch of hypocrites. I know there are some shelter workers who care.

My question is how do they get away with the suboptimal care when they are violating so many laws?

I think a TV station should show three or four hours of footage at say SLA ( some non-politican should foot the bill), show the public the conditions animals live in, the way they are killed, the lack of exercise, the ridiculous temperament tests. See what the public thinks after witnessing this. It is despicable that ED Boks' heart is so closed to animal suffering. He is part of the problem not part of the solution.