Mayeda Much Bigger Liar than Boks-AMMENDED

After Boks/Villaraigosa announced LAAS was the #1 adoption agency in the country, Mayeda issued a press release the next day stating County placed 28,309 animals with included adoption and rescues of dogs, cats and others for fiscal 2006/2007, which beat Boks claim of 25,279.

"Placed" of course, is different from adoptions, and County beats LAAS hands down in that category, despite the fact they adopt out a far lower percentage of live impounds than LAAS.

Linda Barth, as a result of Brad Jensen's Request for Records, stated that some unidentified individual at County told her--or the LAAS statistics person, that County placed 22,290 animals in 2006/2007. This was, according to her, the third set of numbers provided to LAAS by County.

Apparently, according to Barton, County first two sets supplied by County were for 2005/2006, not 2006/2006, set #1 for dogs and cats, set #2 included other animals.

According to Boks, the fourth set of County numbers was released by Mayeda after only after Villaraigosa's press release, and Mayesa claimed that County placed 28,309 animals, which is 6,000 animals higher than the County person supplied Barton.

Although I may not have the whole story, it appears Mayeda blindsided Boks. Even if County had placed 6,000 more animals, the last numbers they gave LAAS were 6,000 lower than Mayeda announced a day or two after Villaraigosa's press release.

If Barton's version is true, and I think it is, Mayeda is a far bigger liar than Boks, and, like her claim that County adopts out 90% of its adoptable animals, is such a flagrant lie that she is #1 in the Hall of Shame.

I stand corrected. A comment sent in below alleges that Boks claimed 100% placement of adoptable animals when he was in Maricopa County. The commenter stated Boks killed 100,000 there, which is more than Mayeda does at County. Right now I am not going back to check Maricopa County's euth record, but I remember it being much lower. Another commenter said Boks used the term "placement." However, he only used that term after Mayeda used that term.

He used the word adopted meaning LAAS adoptions and New Hope adoptions. I hope when Ed goes, we drop the term New Hope and go back to "rescues," or something similar. I'd hate his legacy to live on in our terminology.

Another commenter joked "Placed where, in the grave?" Funny.

I guess they are both equal liars, but in this case, if Linda Barton is telling the truth, LAAS, Boks and Villaraigosa were snookered by Mayeda.


Anonymous said...

Correction, Linda Barth did give me a name and number to the County contact who provided City the first two sets of numbers. I didn't think it would be appropriate to blast on the net.

Oh and don't forget, Marcia quoted total County animals "placed" in her press release but compared her numbers to LAAS animals "adopted". It was an unfair comparison.

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

Anonymous said...

Boks does the same damn numbers trick. He will compare "fiscal" year to "actual" year to "last 12 months" depending upon which number better suits his needs. He compares apples to oranges, then gets miffed with Mayeda messing up his lie when she produces her apple to compare to his apple. They're both liars.

Another thing, what does "placed" mean? Placed in the grave, place with the original owner, placed with new owner, placed with a rescue group, placed as snake food...? Words, numbers, totally meaningless in the world of liars.

Anonymous said...

I bet to differ. When Boks was in Maricopa he was killing 51% to 75% of the animals. He was easily killing as many as Mayeda is killing today yet at Best Friends "No more homeless pets" events he would proudly claim that he hadn't killed an treatable animal in over three years. 100,000 animals weren't treatable? Every animal they didn't adopt out wasn't treatable?

Anonymous said...

Boks claimed that he reduced NYCACC euthanasia rate to 43%. In sworn testimony before a governmental agency the person who oversaw Boks Edgar Butts stated that the euthanasia rate was 51% in 2005, not 43%. Boks just does math a different way than everyone else. article here

In various articles on line Jane Hoffman and Regina Massaro of the NY Mayor's Alliance both stated that Boks' "programs" weren't new or sustainable. They stated that all of the programs were already there two years before Boks arrived. Other programs such as overcrowding, letting the animals die of illness and refusing animals were of course not sustainable.

Right before Boks was fired from New York quite a few rescue groups were complaining loudly about the overcrowding and ill animals. When he was fired his apologists stated that animals are better ill and crowded than dead. That most certainly is better for Boks' numbers.

Here is Ed Boks' bio from Best Friends. He made Maricopa County the first nokill shelter in the nation. He later states that they are the biggest in the "world." Why not "universe" Ed?

"Ed Boks revolutionized animal control in Maricopa County, Arizona, and made it the first municipal no-kill shelter in the nation. He recently tok (sic) over as head of New York City Animal Care and Control."

Who is the biggest liar of all?