Boks/Mayeda Turn Pets Into Meatballs


October 2, 2007 --- All of the dead animals in California are added to the feed of chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, etc.,which we humans eat everyday. Virtually all of the animals killed in shelters and veterinary clinics,road kill, medical laboratories, feed lots, deceased wildlife,etc., are sent to one company, West Coast Rendering in Vernon, CA,where they are piled up and left to decompose for days before being“rendered” into a sale-able product.

“Rendering means that these dead animals are cooked in a giant stew pot for an hour, at just above boiling, and then the fat is drained off this soup and put in drums for shipment to cattle feed facilities in California and elsewhere,” said Leo Grillo, founder of the largest care-for-life cat & dog sanctuary in the world, D.E.L.T.A. Rescue, of Glendale, CA, “the rest is ground up into a powder and loaded by tractor into either a container or an open grain truck, which is later used for grain and feed transport.”“Our D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Humane Investigation Unit followed trucks to American companies where the powder, now called ‘protein meal,’ is added to farm-animal feed. We also followed containers to the ports where they are loaded for shipment to Asia ... to be added to feed for the farmed fish and seafood that comes back to the United States and is sold in our supermarkets.

Check the labels of the seafood in the stores: ‘product of Thailand, Vietnam, etc.’”Los Angeles County has contracted to provide its dead animals to the same rendering plant for decades. Four years ago, when Grillo informed the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors of where their own Los Angeles County Animal Control’s dead animals were going, the Supervisors were divided. Some said that they didn’t know about it, but did nothing; others said that this practice is perfectly legal.Grillo continued, “What lawmakers need to realize is that these dead bodies, along with all their cancers and other diseases, viruses,veterinary treatments, experimental laboratory drugs, chemo therapies,toxins and bacteria from decomposition, are being fed to us.

Yet we still wonder where all OUR cancer is coming from.And ‘chronic wasting disease’ in deer, which are also rendered, is caused by the same virus as ‘mad cow disease!’ Does that tell you something? And if you’re a vegetarian, don’t think you’re safe: dairy and egg producers eat these same dead animals, and fertilizer used at vegetable farms contains the same ‘animal by-products.’With the rash of food-borne diseases in America lately, it is clear that we are being poisoned by the food we eat.”

For more information on Grillo’s battle against the rendering of dead animals, and for his call to boycott meat, fish and dairy products,nationwide, go to .CONTACT: LEO GRILLO Undercover Photos Attached 661-269-4010WWW.DELTARESCUE.ORG.


Anonymous said...

A very good reason not to eat meat, especially from other countries. We can't use dead pets to feed animals here because of a law passed after Mad Cow. We can only sell it oversees to feed fish farms, chicken, cattle, pigs, shrimp farms... If you eat meat, don't buy it from outside the US. Better yet, don't eat meat. You are eating ground up tumors, fetuses, feces, urine, eyeballs, private parts, dirt, virii.... If you must eat meat, buy local organic free range.

Anonymous said...

That is not true -- this poison is going into the human food chain in this country -- the UNITED STATES -- law or no law -- we also have undercover footage our detectives took while following rendering trucks.