Task Force Kitten Killers

This is the story gathered from multiple sources. All kinds of people are calling me and giving new information, including city employees from LAAS and other offices. They say even their inquiries are being stonewalled.

A total of 25 kittens were killed. There was no panleukemia as Daily News reporter Dana Bartholomew was told and which he published.

Mason's cats were initially tested using a parvo kit; they tested positive and were killed. Blood samples for these kittens were also sent to Antech, and tested negative. They were killed for no reason.

I do not know if the warrant was issued based on the assumption of panleukemia, nor do I know how the absense of panleuk would affect any subsequent search or seizure. Someone help me out here. Ron will send me a copy tomorrow. I will post it when I get it.

The other 13 kittens were killed purportedly because they were neonates or because they had upper respiratory infections (colds), which 25% of the animals in the LAAS shelter also have.

Mason said those kittens were 4-6 weeks old and were being weaned. He was putting out soft food as well as hard kibble soaked in warm water. They still had nursing moms. The ones with the runny eyes were being treated with Amoxi.

They too were killed for nothing. The kittens were nursing; they were being weaned, and the ones with colds were being treated. They would be alive now had it not been for the "rescue" by LAAS.

14 adults remain alive at West Valley or SLA. One is an old cat about 14 years old who was abandoned by a neighbor who moved away three years ago. Muffin's whereabouts are unknown.

Of the 39 animals "rescued," 25 are dead and I assume the elderly cat will soon be too. One cat that walked with a limp, was hit by a car three years ago and had its hip and leg repaired through a $1,200 surgery paid for by Ron. That cat was being used as an example by detectives of a sick and injured cat that was not being taken care of.

Ron got a letter today from LAPD giving him an inventory of property taken. Though they took all of his paperwork, they did not list:

Dates of all visits by LAAS to his house and he to the WV shelter over the past three years.

The Amanda list of the four spay/neuters done with them during the six weeks prior to the bust.

The vet papers verifying another eight to ten spay/neuters done over the previous eight months or so.

The many S/N certificates given to him by the WV shelter.

They did not return his carriers which would allow him to take more cats to the "shelter." This is being rectified. They did not return his medications.

This is a perfect example of how governments everywhere have always operated: Rule by intimidation and fear. Use overwhelming force on someone who cannot defend himself in order to make an example of him and to demonstrete the power of "Them."

Mason said that Det. Linda Ortega ((213) 847-1417) said, two days before the raid when she was there with another detective and two ACTs, "We can take anything we want, any time we want!"

This is what we need to fight against, an abuse of power so poorly used that it kills the animals it supposedly is trying to save in order to make the Prince of Fools, Boks, and the Mayor look good.



Anonymous said...

Reading what goes on in LA Animal Services literally makes me feel sick. How anyone could treat non aggressive animals the way the cat picture indicates is intolerable. The people who work with animals at the shelter NEED TO BE HIRED BECAUSE THEY LIKE ANIMALS ( New concept) or else why don't they get a job at a fast food restaurant
I heard there are 100 redlisted dogs at SLA. Way to go Ed . Keep it up and there may be a place in the after life's basement where they teach you management skills and let you experience the suffering you've caused to innocent animals and many pet owners.
In a city where there is so much wealth and so many people willing to help animals, what goes on in the shelters examplifies that saying that Power Corrupts.

Anonymous said...

So, if your cat gets ill or injured as they will, you take it to a vet, treat it, give it medication but someone sees your pet before it is 100% recovered and perfect, you could be arrested for felony neglect, the cat taken away and killed? If you happen to adopt a disabled cat or have an old cat, you could be arrested? Should we kill all of our disabled, old, not perfect pets just so we won't get arrested for animal cruelty if someone sees them? What type of world are we living in?

I watch Animal Planet's Animal Precinct show. They always take the pet to the ASPCA vet. That vet then finds out if the problem with the animal was caused by the caretaker or not. Only if they are sure that the caretaker caused the problem, do they charge the person.

Word to the wise, if you see an old disabled animal, don't feed it. Just let it die. If you take it in, feed it, pay to take it to the vet, they will just come and kill it anyway. No good deed goes unpunished.

Anonymous said...

They put the press release back, probably rewrote it.

"51 cats were rescued and transported to the West Valley and East Valley Animal Care
Centers where they are being treated by LA Animal Services’ veterinarians and medical

The cats were "rescued" and "treated?" They were taken and killed.

On the bottom Boks steals the NY motto, "We create happiness by bringing pets and people together!" They created misery by pulling pets and people apart. This is one sick department.

Anonymous said...

That's awful.
Somebody ought to do something.