County Health Also Screws Muffin's Owner, Ron Mason

Ron Mason (Left) just got a letter from County Health Services, Dept. of Environmental Health, signed by Jason Baun. Apparently Baun was present the day of the bust.

The letter said it was a Notice of Violation number 241732, and that he had 30 days to get rid of ...., and there was a long list of to-dos. The letter further stated that if this were not completed as ordered, the State Franchise Tax Board would put a lien on his house.

This is ridiculous. Baun's letter does not even state what code Mason purportedly was violating, or how the State Franchise Tax Board was getting into the act. It is not an income property, but his residence. Mason is being gang raped by legalized thugs under the color of authority.

They told him room by room to get rid of specific clothes, couches, items, etc. I agree a lot of his stuff should go, but he had already taken steps over the past three months including two mass pickups by the City.

He is afraid to take any of the remaining cats to the WLA shelter for fear of being arrested for having more cats.

A friend of mine who had been a County health inspector in the past said it was extremely important to demand to know what specific code was allegedly being violated. Otherwise this is simply terrorism under the color of authority.

Mason needs help. First, call this Baum bum and let him know what you think. Ask for the violation code number. Tell him you are available to come to his office at any time for him to show it to you. Jason bum Baum can be reached at (818) 902-4470. Then call Ed Boks and tell him what you think about his part in this case. Then call the mayor for the same reason. As George Bush senior (the good one) said, "This cannot stand!"

Since the Task Force took all of Mason's medications away, if you have any extra, send them over. If you have extra litter boxes and litter, send them over. If you know a lawyer who will work with Ron, let us know.

Mason is being railroaded to make Animal Control, Boks, and the Mayor look good. They don't. Boks apparently has no depths of darkness he won't explore, and Jim Bickhart and Villaraigosa continue to support him. I am losing my respect for Jim. He is now one of them.

Excuse me, it is becoming harder and harder for me to remain even the slightest objective about Boks, Animal Control and Villaraigosa.

Ron was slandered by using the term "hoarder." Being a "hoarder" is not a crime. Mason was charged with felony animal neglect. There was no neglect. The cats are fat and healthy. I have photographed them. The onus is on the City to produce records that Ron's cats tested positive for panleukemia as Dana was told.

Dana Bartholomew apologized to me for saying Ron had 70 sick cats. He said he was only repeating what the Task Force and Animal Control told him. In other words, they lied.

Get angry and demanding of them from County Health, the Task Force to Villaraigosa. The time of being reasonable with them has passed.It is time to take back our local government.

I still wonder whether Boks will respond to my request for records and how edited it will be if he ever sends it. I still am waiting for Boks response about how Muffin was treated and what will be done as remedy.
This is the time to get outraged if ever there ever was a time.


Anonymous said...

I feel helpless.

I really wish we could all band together to help this poor guy.

How did we get such bastards in power?

We need to take our city back (like our country!).

Anonymous said...

Jim Bickhart, to my certain knowledge, refers to the hoisting of a cat in the air by the neck, by an AC officer whose job it is to protect animals, as a "procedural issue."

Anonymous said...

I wish Dana Bartholomew would print the truth about this situation.


Anonymous said...

If you want to help, call Mason. Go and help him put the trash on the curb so the city bulky item pickup department can take it away. Bring him some cat food and litter. Find homes for some of those cats. Take some cats. Find a vet and attorney for him. I will do what I can.