Do these kittens look like they were irremediably suffering?"

Ed Boks' recent LAAS website post. Truth vs. Rumor #12:

"As of October 26, twenty-five cats have been euthanized because of irremediable suffering."

"All the kittens rescued on October 11th were irremediably suffering and the only humane alternative was euthanasia. The veterinarian had to make the tough but compassionate decision to uphold his oath to end animal suffering and not let these kittens suffer any longer."

These are two of the kittens Boks said were "irremediably suffering." Notice the date of the photograph is October 11, 2007.

Thank God that there was a Daily News photorapher at the Mason bust, otherwise the truth would not have come out and Boks exposed for the liar he is.

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