SLA spay/neuter Clinic Debacle?

A story on Craigslist stated that 5 animals have died at Eric Jones spay/neuter clinic at SLA during the past month or so. Since he is only performing about 300 s/n's a month, isn't this a high death rate? This allegation was made by an employee. Of course, this info is about tenth hand and should be taken in that light. But given the cat pole story below and this allegation, much is wrong at LAAS even beyond Boks still being GM.


Anonymous said...

I can't find this story on Craig's List anymore- must have gotten removed. I hope someone has a copy or can reproduce the stories so we can all know what we're outraged about when we complain to the mayor (as if it does any good).

Thanks for keeping the citizens of L.A. in the loop.

Ed Muzika said...

URL for the Craigslist article:

"For weeks, I thought of, then planned, then made arrangements, then bragged to all about this beautiful dog I was saving from the "Redlist". My heart was then in the dog. Then, I went to meet the dog, and fell in love and adopted it. I kept asking, make sure you don't down the dog as I'm getting him, I'm coming back. Then, I paid for the dog's process, and neutering, etc. Then, the next day, I called to ask when the dog was ready and was told all was well, come and get him. Then, I showed up to get my new dog that I saved from the "Redlist", with my young son who was looking forward to it. I surprised my son and bragged how is dad was saving this dog. And my son loved his picture and I took him out of school early so we could get there and get the dog. Then, I was asked to come to a back room. Then, I was told the dog was dead. "Didn't know what happened, sorry". Shit happens, was the attitude! You can get another dog if you want. When I planned to save that dog. My heart belonged to him. "He's dead, don't know why". Then, I demanded answers. Then was told by another, "this happened 5 times now". "Unusual". Inordinate amount of times this happened here at this shelter. What an absolute horrifying experience we had. Then, I had to tell my son! Then, we drove all the way home in complete silence and bewilderment! Then tonight, I will print out a picture of the dog they still killed, and place it in a frame. The dog that I would have given a completely wonderful life! Dead, still!"

Anonymous said...

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

And this vet gets paid for each spay/neuter (less a big 7% discount) on top of $300,000 a year (rent-utilities free?)?

Anonymous said...

Ed, here is the rest of the story. A rescuer contacted the person from craigs list. It was a SLA dog, a mobile leftover named "Banner." A volunteer confirmed this.

"Banner was one of our mobile adoption dogs. He was not adopted so he returned to the shelter. He became sick with kennel cough, and was put on the red list. He was then adopted by a man and his son. Read below about how he was killed instead of neutered by the SLA Spay/ Neuter clinic!!!!!


Subject: Fwd: So I Adopt A Dog, And Shelter Still Kills It (L.A.)
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 17:43:42 EDT
As if things aren't bad enough at South, read the posting that a woman put on craigslist. I contacted her for more info and she emailed me back with a photo of the adopted dog.

LA Shelter on 11th off Crenshaw. South LA, I believe it's called.

This WAS Banner: (photo)
She was told by the shelter he died shortly after being neutered.