Let's Show the City Who is Boss

It's time to band together and help Ron Mason. It flat out is time for us to band together on all things related to the LA animal community.

Let show Boks, the cops, Task Force, County Health, Franchise Tax Board, Bickhart, Kramer and the Mayor we are sick of them. We will take care of our own. Any animal lover, rescuer, activist and even alleged hoarder who is not neglecting their animals is our own.

This is an opening shot. We will form our own Task Force to monitor the Animal Cruelty Task Force, LAAS, Boks and the Mayor's Office. We have got to actually act on this, otherwise "They" will think we still are a joke.

Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights became a joke in Santa Monica because they stopped helping renters and focused on controlling the politicians. Once a powerhouse, they are now easily beaten because they did not attend to their base.

We need to choose to activate our base!

Once we get this going, we will not stop. But we do need to act.

Call Ron. His vet medications have been confiscated; he needs more. Kittens need placement. He needs litter boxes, litter and anything else you can think of. The City will do daily pick ups if necessary for stuff brought out of his yard and house to the curb thanks to the work of one volunteer. I think I'll create a giant banner showing Muffin being strangled.

Ron Mason: (818) 993-6816,
or email me at edwardmuzika@sbcglobal.net



Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Muffin?

Anonymous said...

Let's organize, YES!

Anonymous said...

I called Chief Bratton's office re Det. Linda Ortega and they transferred me to the Planning and Research Division, which supervises the Animal Cruelty Task Force.

I told them what you'd reported, about the missing stuff on the inventory of seized property, and what Ortega had said to Ron Mason.

They took a report and said it'd be referred to Internal Affairs.