Give Ron's Cats a Break

I would have let up on the Mason case had Boswell listened to Cocek who suggested to Dov Lesel that Mason should direct who got his cats. It did not happen. Ron was told he would never have anything to do with those cats again.

Mason got three back and recues took another five. About twelve remain at the West Valley shelter. Ron signed them over to Animal Services because they would not let him do anything with them and they had been jailed in small cages for over three months. For some of them, it is now over four months.

Ron says there are about 12 there now. Two are up front and the rest in the evidence room with a yellow dot on their cages with an impound date of October 11.

The two up front are Hildy (renamed Henrey once his true sex was revealed) and the other Tia.

Some of the others have reverted to a semi-feral state due to being held in cages for four months. Sergio and some others at the shelter are working at resocializing them.


Ron has medical records on most of them. None are more than four years old.

Ron's phone number for more info:

(818) 993-6816

PS: Ron feels sorry that Boswell is taking the brunt of criticism for the raid. He said they had a couple of years working with each other and they had almost a friendship. He blames the cops that were there: Lt. Ortega, Lt. Diamico and "Jenney." He thinks Troy was just there directing Animal Sevices and is now the scapegoat.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious from the "show" on Ch. 35 that it was an LAPD operation.

Anonymous said...

See what I mean? Told ya! Lieutenant Boswell is a very nice person. It is true that he is being treated like a scapegoat in the whole raid thing. Lieutenant Boswell likes Mr. Mason. He thinks Mason is a very nice man. Moreover, the lieutenant has nothing against TNR. It's the smell and all the urine that was so bad. If it weren't for that, and the neighbors complaining so much, he wouldn't have gotten thrown into this whole incident. As a matter of fact, the whole LA Animal Services is for TNR. They're always saying "we don't want the cats."

People try to bring in ferals and semi-ferals to the shelter, and Lieutenant Boswell always says, we don't want the cats.

Please leave these people alone now.

I feel so sorry for Mr Mason. Really I do. But poor guy should not have ended up with 70 cats. Now he's hurting so bad. It hurts to have one cat missing, let alone dozens and dozens of them, not knowing where they went, or who got them, or whether they even ended up as mousers on somebody's lot somewhere.

I hate it when people adopt cats only to put them out as mousers. The cats attack each other trying to survive because the people who want them as mousers don't feed them, or vet them. Especially the ferals and semi-ferals. I mean, they'll just starve and get attacked by other feral cats, vultures, and coyotes, and they'll be carried away by owls. Then the storms will hit and they won't have any shelter from the freezing cold and rain.

And when the fires hit in those areas where the people want their mousers for their barns, you'll never be able to grab a hold of them, because they've run and you can't handle them anyway because they're untouchable.

This is how adoptions go, and that's the way the feral groups like it. These people think it saves lives and gives the cats "a chance." Well, the cat doesn't think he's got a chance when he's caught in the midst of a fire during the Santa Ana Wind season, and he doesn't have a chance when several other feral cats are tearing his face off when he's dumped out as a mouse chaser....all fighting for food and trying to find shelter and safety. The cats freak out when you let them loose in some area totally foreign to them and they have to hunt for days to find food. By that time, their system has shut down and have gone into liver failure.

I hate it when these cats are released to people who want them as mousers. Totally unfair to the cat, a I see it. Poor little guys. God help them all, ferals and semi-ferals. They all deserve as much love, attention, nutrition and medical care as an owned domesticated pet. Makes the pit of a stomach bend over in pain each time I hear that some adoptable cat has been "adopted" as a mouser.

Leave Boswell alone, though....Mr. Mason is right. He really is a nice man and he was trying to help Mr. Mason for a very long time. Mr. Mason is a sweetheart of a man too. But poor Mr. Mason just couldn't keep up the cleaning. No one person can keep up with 70 cats on his premises. It's impossible to have sanitary conditions with that many cats around. Some people just feed and feed, and don't consider the consequences. They add up easily when you leave the food out.

But really, Boswell is a doll and a cat friendly person. He doesn't even want the cats at the shelter. None of the staff working at the shelter do. Especially the ACT's and their supervisors. It's too much physical and emotional strain on them.

The shelter got Feral CAt Alliance to get out there to help Mr. Mason with his cats, but it just didn't pan out. More kept coming around, and he just couldn't keep his place clean. It's heartbreaking for everyone!

I feel so sorry for those cats. They all end up losing in the end. Bunch of rescuers take them and hoard 'em and they have to stay in cages for the rest of their lives because there are just not enough good homes for all those cats...especially now that it's kitten season and there is so much competition.

It's all so horribly sad.

I wish the shelters wouldn't adopt out those cats as mousers. Feral, semi-feral, or tame. The outcome is worse than a sedative and a shot of sodium pentophenobarbital. There's nothing worse than seeing your cat carried off by some coyote or flying in the air under the clutches or an owl.

Anonymous said...

Boswell was in charge of the ACTF. He should have made sure the Mason case was handled properly. He is to blame because it was his responsibility. He should not have chosen to raid Mason just so Inside the LAPD could get some film. Boswell chose Mason for the film shoot. Inside the LAPD just wanted to go along on a raid. They did not choose Mason. Boswell may act nice to some people but he made a big mistake here. He was no scapegoat. It was his responsibility. Boswell can cry victim to everyone but that's not the case.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Mason is too kind in regard to Boswell. Boswell was in charge. Boswell chose to go after Mason. Boswell was responsible for the mistakes that were made.

Anonymous said...

Due respect to Ron, but it was his trust of Boswell that got him in trouble in the first place. That, and his trust of "Dr." Cynthia Hochman's nonexistent professional ethics.

Ron is a nice man who tried to do more than he was able to, which is a thousand percent more than most people. But that sort of openheartedness is exactly how he made himself vulnerable to attack by LAAS. He told them how many cats he was looking after. When they show up to raid him the poor guy stands in handcuffs and still tries to explain the situation, oblivious to the fact that NO ONE there is trying to help him, or has any interest in helping him. The people he's talking to are the ones who caused all this to happen to him. So while I respect Ron very much, I think his warm heart is not letting him see the whole picture on Boswell.

Unless we think Boks spends all his time looking through files for guys like Ron (when we know Boks actually spends all his time ferreting through the blogs to add names to his "Enemies List") SOMEONE gave Ron up to Boks. I know Hochman was in on it (hence her staff's warnings to Ron) but my money is on Boswell as the one who gave Boks what Boks saw as the perfect patsy to get him back in with the rescue community. If Boswell was Ron's primary contact, who else would have had all the info to give? And, as a senior officer, it's unlikely a subordinate gave Ron to Boks without Boswell's knowledge - where would the percentage be in that?

Watching the arrest, watching Boswell turn on a dime from "the cats were getting what they needed here' to "we're charging him with a felony" it's hard to feel bad for him now. (and of course the show made it look like LAPD ran things, the show's ABOUT LAPD. But Boswell's the one who says how Ron's being charged, and Boswell's the one who had the years-long relationship with Ron)

And bottom line is, THEY were trying to scapegoat Ron. THEY ruined Ron's life; killed six kittens who weren't sick; and killed, lost and imprisoned for four months perfectly nice cats, all for PR. I'm guessing the people here who are whining about the urine and the smell have never actually been to Ron's house. But the inspector who WAS there said he'd seen a thousand times worse. No violations at Ron's house. But whose life got ruined? Whose cats, property, and exonerating records were stolen? Who was libeled in the Daily News and by Boks on an official city website? Whose civil rights and right to due process under the law were violated repeatedly? Who got raided and handcuffed at dawn in front of his whole neighborhood, plus TV and news photographers, and thrown in jail? Whose remaining cats are still jailed?

Excuse me if I'm able to contain my tears for Troy Boswell.

Anonymous said...

Please don't have any illusions about Boswell. He has done so many deplorable things that I don't feel he deserves anyone's sympathy.

Anonymous said...

It's about time Ed. Troy is the scapegoat. Nobody else on that so called ACTF knows what their doing. Leave the animal laws to ACOS. LAPD is too gung ho for this stuff. They are the ones that jumped in with both feet and over did it. Quit blaming Troy.