New Request For Public Records

I told Boks and the City Attorney that I'd shut up about Mason and his cats if Boks gave him his cats back, or at least allowed Mason to decide which New Hope they'd go to. I said they should take down the libelous post defending Boks' arrest of Mason for "Felony Animan Cruelty," which had never been the charge.

Don Cocek, Deputy City Attorney, emailed Dov Lesel I believe, asking if this were possible, showing Cocek, as I have heard, was an animal-friendly attorney who thought Boks was full of it and had refused to press charges against Mason.

I talked to Troy Boswell in a friendly sort of screaming way. He told me to ram myself and that he would check with Cocek. He never got back to me.

All in all, Boswell decided they were going to hold onto Mason's animals indefinitely in small cages rather than let him have any more to do with them or direct their adoption. Or, they were going to adopt them out at their own discretion whenever and to whomever they wanted. Naturally, I found his attitude endearing. He doesn't realize I can make something like the Mason case a lifetime career.

Finally Mason could not take their plight anymore and released them for adoption or euthanasia at Boswell's determination. Boswell has found a new friend in me.

Anyway, you remember Boks has refused any and all Requests for Public records regarding Mason's seized cats, such as who was euthanized, medical records to prove the necessity, who signed off on the euthanasia and any impound photos.

The case was offically over on January 16 after the City Attorney's Hearing Officer, Hilda Campos said it was all over. The seized records were returned to Mason but not the traps or cages. The animals would remain with them and Ron couldn't have any more to do with them.

Now I am resubmitting that same request with a bit more data I received from Shelterwatch investigator Brad Jensen.

Here is a precis of that request sent day before yesterday:

Ed Boks, General Manager
Los Angeles Animal Services

Dear Ed Boks,

This request is being made subject to the California Public Records Act: Government Code §6250-6268.

Under this statute you have 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of this request to respond as to whether you will release the records requested as detailed below. It is preferred your response be made in writing to either the street address or the email address below.


A previous request for public records was made for all documents, photos, ACO notes, dispatch log and other data regarding animals seized from Ron Mason’s property in Northridge on October 9 and October 11.

This request was denied in a letter signed by Linda Barth on January 8 citing the possibility of an ongoing criminal investigation.

As of January 16, 2008, Mr. Mason was notified by the Senior Hearing Officer, Hilda Campos that no charges have been filed or will be filed.

The remainder of the living seized animals have been signed over to LAAS by Mr. Mason. There is no longer any investigation regarding Mr. Mason. Despite the fact that 20 days have passed since the case was settled, I have not received the promised records. Therefore, I am resubmitting that original request.

Information Requested

Any and all information on all cats/kittens found at the Ron Mason property located in the 18700 block of Napa Street in Northridge impounded by Los Angeles Animal Services, including but not limited to the following information:

1. Chameleon records of each animal described above and impounded by Los Angeles Animal Services.

Each animal record is expected to contain the following information:


2. Copies of any call log, dispatch log and ACO notes related to the animal(s) described above.

3. Copies of any photographs and/or digital images of the animal(s) described above.

4. Copies of any and all notes and records related to physical and/or medical examinations conducted in the “field” for each animal described above.

5. Copies of any and all notes and records related to lab work and disease testing conducted in the field for each animal described above.

6. Copies of veterinary notes and records for each animal described above.

7. Copies of any and all records related to laboratory samples sent out for testing for each animal described above, including those sent to Antech.

8. Copies of kennel notes and records for each animal described above.

9. Date and time of euthanasia for each animal described above.

10. Copy of any euthanasia requests for each animal described above.

11. Copies of any and all Improper Euthanasia Reports related to each animal described above.

I have received some data from Brad Jensen regarding the information I am requesting. However, there are confusing reports as to how many animals were seized, the shelters they were taken to, and therefore their final disposition.

I include a minimal list of animals for which I am requesting the above information in a separate attachment.

Naturally I am most concerned with photos and medical records, as well as the results of lab tests for the animals that were euthanized, including those marked as irremediably suffering.

I am also concerned about the disposition of cats Mr. Mason was not allowed to get back and which were rescued by a New Hope as was promised to him.

Please indicate the cats signed over to you by Mr. Mason on approximately February 1, 2008 and their status and disposition as of February 6.


Edward Muzika

Linda Barth
Ross Pool
Linda Barton

I am going to find out what happened to each and every animal and why. I am going to resubmit a new request for any animal they have refused to release to Mason or his chosen New Hope to follow them and make sure they are not euthanized.
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Anonymous said...

What's odd is I KNOW Boks is a sociopath, and yet somehow his lack of even pretend-shame always amazes me.

Maybe that's his Achilles' heel: his sense of PR doesn't respond fast enough to unfolding events. His arrogance trumps even his sense of self-preservation. That's why they're still able to reconstruct every lie from Maricopa County and NYC. You can't piss EVERYBODY off and turn on ALL your friends. After all, how many mayors are there left who are as stupid as Villaraigosa?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think this man has a future after LA? I bet he'll write a book.I don't see him overseeing another shelter for a while.

Ed Muzika said...

Of course he has a future. LAAS's official statistics prove he has cut euthanasia by 90%, increased adoptions by 150%, founded the first no-kill shelter in the world in Arizona, runs the largest pet adoption agency in the world and a blog proclaims his deep compassion towards animals. And, of course, his Animal Cruelty Task Force is great at arresting and not convicting nasty hoarders.

Anonymous said...

Ed, you're right about Boks' lies. But I respectfully think you're wrong about Boks' future.

Not everyone IS as stupid (and let's face it, evil) as Antonio Villaraigosa. All future potential employers have to do is Google "Ed Boks" and it's all going to spill out, and keep spilling. Everything on this blog, all the ongoing controversy from Arizona and New York City, the press conference SNAFU he roped Villaraigosa into in August 07, the news stories about rising shelter deaths. On a page of Google search results the repetition of the word "anomaly" time after time starts to look like the pattern it is.

And even if they don't believe half the truth about his abuse of shelter animals, or the Ron Mason story, no one is going to want a guy who's so sleazy in his dealings with people. The guy's a massive liability to any city that even thinks about hiring him.

Even though when we see what happened to Ron Mason, or keep getting stonewalled by Villaraigosa, we might feel frustrated, it's impossible to ignore that the zeitgeist is the animals' favor. That's why Villaraigosa is so stupid about this politically; the trend is not to sweep shelter mismanagement under the rug. We have momentum on our side. We have a generation coming up who were raised by conscience-driven vegetarians.

Maybe Boks could get a job as a valet parker. Maybe he and Villaraigosa could open up a bed-and-breakfast. Because they both better get started on a Plan B...

Ed Muzika said...

But he recently found a cure for all cancers and developed a vacine that permanently sterilizes feral cats and dogs and need only be sprayed from an airplane.

He has already written the book: How I brought LA to No Kill in Two Years-A Biography of a Compassionate No-Kill Shelter Director.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- you're right Ed, Boks IS a miracle worker!

I can't believe I ever doubted him.

I bet he could even walk on water, except he doesn't have to when he much prefers walking over the bodies of dead animals he can mathematically prove he saved...