Lori Golden Talks to Cardenas About Feral-Feeders and TNR

From Lori to me:

For what it's worth, I gave a copy of your post re: Munoz and the Animal Cruelty Task Force to Councilman Tony Cardenas last night at the Stray Cat Alliance event.

I gave it to him because he was one of the people behind the creation of the ACTF. I explained to him what has been going on re the people who feed the feral cats - I told him to look around the room - that it was filled with those very people, many of them little old ladies who, at great expense to themselves, feed and trap and pay to have those cats s/n.

I said that while I know the City does not have an official TNR policy because of environmental concerns, someone needs to call off the ACTF and LAAS - and basically tell them not to threaten these feral cat colony caretakers - that they fear for their safety and their lives.

Cardenas listened to me and took the piece of paper I gave him.... and hopefully, after he saw the story of an 85 year old lady who goes out every night to feed multitudes of cats at this event... he will read what I gave him and find some way to do something about it. Perhaps some urging from your readers to Tony Cardenas might illuminate this issue even more to him, especially since he was given an award from the Stray Cat Alliance last night.

Lori Golden
The Pet Press

It is certainly not going to hurt to contact Carenas, although given the City Attorney's gutlessness, I don't think Tony can do much.

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Anonymous said...

Lori kicks so much ass!

Anonymous said...

Someone told me HSUS is behind this, that they support the Audobon Society's threat to sue the city if TNR becomes official policy.

Does anyone know if this is true?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there have an "in" with Chief Bratton? I heard he is an animal lover. Perhaps he should know his boys in blue are going after little old ladies (and men) that feed (and sterilize) homeless kitties.

Anonymous said...

The ACTF goes after cat feeders because it's easier and safer than going after real criminals. They'd rather bust an 80 year old lady feeding five cats in her house than a drug dealing, gun toting, pitbull fighter.