Villaraigosa Says He Will Not Fire Boks

I received this email from Brad Zinsmaster:

On 9 September, the Los Angeles City Council was flooded with disgruntled employees and other individuals that were in attendance to speak against Ed Boks and the conditions at the Los Angeles Animal Services shelters and to express a vote of "no confidence" for the General Manager. A motion was taken to continue this matter in a hearing to be held by the Personnel Committee at a later date.

On 7 October, Councilmember Dennis Zine held a Personnel Committee hearing to further address all related matters. For three and a half hours, speaker after speaker came to the microphone to inform the committee of the poor management by Ed Boks and the conditions in the shelters in the City of Los Angeles. Very serious issues were addressed. Ed Boks was not in attendance.

As a result of the above hearing, the Mayor was supposed to meet with Ed Boks to specifically address the concerns expressed at the hearing. Since I did not see anything further in any of the online documents related to File #08-2377 indicating follow-up action, I decided to make a phone call to the Mayor's office.

I was transferred to several different departments before I finally got to speak with Aaron Gross. He is the individual tasked with handling the Council Relations for the Mayor.

Per my conversation with Mr. Gross this afternoon, "The Mayor has no intention of removing him (Ed Boks)."

LEGISLATIVE & INTERGOVERNMENTAL RELATIONSAaron Gross, Council Legislative Deputy ............... 213 978-0681


Anonymous said...

He's giving the animals and the animal lovers exactly what he thinks we deserve because he LOATHES us!


Anonymous said...

Then I guess we must work on making sure he doesn't get another term as Mayor.

Ed Muzika said...

It may be that Villaraigosa is giving Boks a face-saving period while he finds another job.

Anonymous said...


I think you're right. I bet Boks is out looking for a new job right now. Then Boks can say he found a new city that really needs his help turning around their animal control department. He sure "turned around" LA's animal control department.

Ed Muzika said...

My understanding is he has already applied to other cities.

He has probably been applying for other jobs for over a year.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Boks has an exit plan. I bet he'll try to get a job elsewhere. In all honesty who would hire him after all the bad press, mistakes, personnel meeting, lawsuits? He'll have to change careers, maybe even change his name.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor first asked Stuckey to resign. He refused, then the Mayor fired him. Perhaps the Mayor has already asked Boks to resign. Maybe that is the city's exit plan from this mess. Boks will resign, probably go take a long vacation then start his nokill scam somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Villaraigosa's theory is, our actions must be to make sure he never gets another elective office ever again.

Antonio Villaraigosa is a liar who doesn't give a damn about animals, a damn about proper supervision of City employees, or about keeping a department head who is a serious (and serial) liability. He cynically lied to the animal care community about getting a competent head of LAAS and making sure LAAS runs like humane law should run in a world-class city, instead of the capricious, rogue banana republic it is now and from what I hear has always been.

I watch humane law enforcement shows about animal care and control in NYC, Houston, San Francisco, Detroit and even Miami and I get embarrassed by how fourth-rate LAAS is. LAAS won't even come out and get a dog who's running in traffic. Their policy is that the public needs to go rescue the dog and hand-deliver them to the "shelter." I've actually been in a City shelter and heard them refuse a caller who asks them to come get a dog running loose, explaining that they "don't do that."

Antonio Villaraigosa is a soulless piece of garbage and so are Boks and Bickhart. Best thing we can do for the animals of L.A. is make sure all three go to the unemployment line and stay there -- for (everybody's) good.