A colony manager at Vanalden and Nordhoff found a mom cat three days ago with her mouth sewn shut and her legs burned. She was rushed to a vet, but died there. She left 6 kittens. We are trying to trap them. They are maybe 4 months old. I have not seen the kittens.

The house where the mom was found with the kittens are located is 3 houses North of Nordhoff and the third house on the left. The house is empty and fenced off. Apparently there are "visitors" at night. Even with the big deflation in housing prices, these may still be million dollar homes.

One suspect is a woman, described only as white, walking with a cane. I doubt it.

There is a friendly homeless man, Jimmy, who stpos by at about midnight to observe the house and its surroundings. Jimmy is very thin and looks--I was told--Middle Eastern.

I too plan on checking this house nightly.

Perhaps some of you might want to check too.

This is at Vanalden, which is between Reseda and Wilber off Nordhoff. Turn North on Vanalden and it is the 3rd house on the left (West).

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Have you ever heard of urban legends?