The September LAAS stats are out.

The number of cats and dogs killed for September 2008 versus September 2007 is 40% higher!!!!!

The number of kittens killed it is 43% higher.

Adoptions were up 20% and New Hope rescues were about the same.

DOA is up 55% compared to the same 12 month period which included 1/2 of Ed's first year here!

Cat and dog September impounds were up 24% over September 2007, and kill numbers were up 40%. LAAS does not do well even with small increases in impounds.

For all Other Animals, the kill numbers are up 61%. No time to be a gerbil now.


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Anonymous said...

cat/dog euth is 45% this month. That's "nokill?" We were at 41% the year before he got here.We've now gone back years. Boks was one step forward, three steps back. His programs really backfired. Most of the increase is kittens, not puppies, not adult cats.