Major Cuts in LAAS Looming

Mayor Villaraigosa asks each dept. to take a 3% cut for the remainder of this fiscal year, and prepare a trio of new budgets for fiscal 2009-2010 for up to a 9% cut.,0,6968660.story


Anonymous said...

Maybe they will fire Boks, Boswell, the ACO who is cozy with Pierce, Shapiro, Mayeda and the rest of your enemies?

Ed Muzika said...

Wouldn't dp much good, wpuld it?

After a while we'd just get more of the same.

I think my function is to try to put some spine in the animal community as well as to let people now what is going on.

Then their own hearts and hangups will lead them to do exactly what they will do.

Anonymous said...

Boks, Boswell, Stacy Dancy, Marcia Mayeda and the rest are not just Ed's enemies. They are the enemies of everyone in Southern California.

All of which pales next to the fact that they are the animals' enemies.

If your dog or cat gets lost you will wish Boks was long gone, especially if you lost a cat. If your cat is lucky enough to find a kind human like Ron Mason or Marc Madow who feeds lost cats, you will wish Boks was long gone. If you lose a healthy puppy you'd better pray Marcia Mayeda is gone before that puppy ends up in a county shelter, or your puppy will waste away and die just like ten month-old Zephyr did. If your lost dog ends up with a broken back you'd better hope Mayeda and all her crew are gone because last time an LADACC employee dragged a Rottweiler with a broken back across the ground, in sight of both witnesses and a video camera, nothing happened to him. He still works at LACDACC. I know this is true because I verified it with my Supervisor's office.

The issues Ed exposes on this site are not his private little grudges. Boks, Mayeda, Boswell, Dancy, etc. are OUR enemies. They do not care about the health and safety of L.A.'s animals. Stop trying to trivialize this as a mere conflict of personalities. Ed Boks does REAL harm. Marcia Mayeda does REAL harm (in her case it's so flagrant that actual judges have told her to stop). If you wonder if Troy Boswell is an incompetent bullying piece of garbage with no more brains than a sofa, PLEASE go view the footage of Ron Mason's arrest on YouTube. Boswell will make you sick. Stacy Dancy is alleged to be tipping off REAL animal abusers at Pierce College. If you don't think these issues are important then why are you here? Only two types of people visit this site, those who care about animals, and those who fear people who care about animals.

That being said, when on Earth did Antonio Villaraigosa find time to do work between bouts of sniffing like a jackal for scraps from the incoming Obama administration? Thank god Obama and his people are as as smart as they are. I bet they see right through old slimebag Antonio Villaraigosa.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Hmmm...budget cuts and Boks snags a $20K raise? Is he getting some federal bailout money too?

Before any department is asked to make cuts, wage rollbacks should happen first.

I know...deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

So is Boks making $185,000 (plus perks and benefits) now?

That's an awful lot of taxpayer money just to replay that same old line about how he's making LAAS no-kill (and pay no attention to all those dead bodies rolling out the back door to be boiled up at West Coast Rendering...)

Too blunt? Well, I guess I've paid for the right to be blunt. We all have.

Why is Michael Bloomberg SO MUCH smarter than Antonio Villaraigosa?

(Hint #1 He fired Boks. But Villaraigosa didn't care about that when he hired Boks)

(Hint #2 He made his own money, unlike Villaraigosa, who was too busy serially screwing around while he was married and who now has to go sniffing after Gary Michelson's money.)

This is a world-class city and we have such a no-class mayor. Must be nice to be Ed Boks and know that Antonio Villaraigosa keeps you around simply to have someone to feel superior to.