When Ron and I and two others went to court on Mason's small claims suit, the City had to give us any paperwork or photo evidence.

It turns out it wasn't neighbors that turned Ron in, it was a rescuer who had taken 3 of his kittens over a 2 week period of time.

I really can understand. To see 10 or more kittens with URI may have been traumatic, but rather than help, she complained of animal neglect or felony neglect to LAAS, who then raided Mason.

As a result, at least 25 cats were killed.

So beware of your animal friends. I don't know, maybe the woman would be happier knowing the 25 cats were killed rather than have a cold.

I really couldn't tell from the medical records I got through request for public records whether they were sick or not. In the impound summary, the reason given for euth was either irremediably suffering or "ill." No medical records were given to me to the cats who were killed, only the cats that actually were tested and treated. That is, they hid a lot of data from me.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting this "rescuer" (and by the way, nice job "rescuing," Lady...) was just a pretext for Ed Boks, who needed what he perceived as an unsympathetic target for his big audition tape.

I've always maintained that Ron was targeted because Boks thought as a guy he wouldn't have any supporters. Your stereotypical "cat hoarder" is a little old lady, and a little old lady bent over a car being handcuffed is a bad visual, even by Boks' twisted standards. I think he always believed people would think there was something sinister about a middle-aged guy with a mohawk who had a bunch of cats. Boks not only knew Ron's vet, he HIRED her, so there's no way I believe Ron was targeted at random, nor on the spur of the moment.

I think Boks had Ron in his pocket and ready to go when he needed some cheap publicity.

That being said: People, PLEASE realize that L.A. City and County Animal Control is NOT "Animal Precinct." These are not SPCAs, and these officers are not highly qualified law enforcement officers who are in it for the love of the animals. These are civil service jobs, and under L.A.’s broken civil service system it's virtually impossible to dislodge even the most incompetent and inhumane employee. (e.g. the employee who was videotaped dragging a Rottweiler with a broken back across the ground. I called my Supervisor’s office and was told he was still on the payroll because apparently an animal control employee who ABUSES animals still cannot be fired).

I'm not saying that there are no LAAS or LACDACC employees who are good people or animal lovers. But the odds that one of those will show up at your door, rather than the ignorant, incompetent, bullying kind are too long to risk when animals' live are at stake.

Anonymous said...

This saddens and sickens me. The days when cat rescuers stick together and help each other for the good of all rescue cats will never come to pass. Animal rescue, especially cat rescue, is filled to overflowing with people who would rather see the cats die just because they belong to another rescuer -- the competition -- than see those cats have safety and a good life. This happened in Austin, where the big cheese feral cat "rescuer" unilaterally decided that the cats of another feral cat rescuer were "spending their whole lives in cages" and DEMANDED to inspect that person's home and private property. I mistakenly believed when I joined the "rescue community" that there was such a thing. A community where the cats lives came first, and their welfare was the most important thing on earth and where we all worked together to save as many cats as we could.

It took me years to find out that that was not true. I found out that one of the first things you need in order to do cat rescue is a lawyer. that you can't trust people who tell you that you are their best friend, and that you cannot trust the folks at the local low cost spay neuter clinic.

I now know the truth about cat rescue. More often than not, folks are in it for their ego. For them it is not about the cats, it never was. They don't want to help you, and could care less about your cats. I am so very sorry that 25 of Ron Mason's cats had to die because of someone else's jealously, greed and insecurity.

Like I said, this saddens and sickens me, but it by no means surprises me. I fully expect to see more of this in the future. From all over. Somebody who was supposedly a "rescuer" went out of their way to make sure that 25 innocent, defenseless cats were frightened out of their wits and horribly murdered. I want to know why this person didn't just go all the way and put their name out there on the front page of the paper.

"Rescuers" killing cats who are not "lucky" enough to belong to them. This is a growing trend. Poor, innocent, cats who only want a loving home, clean water and food, and for the world to stop trying to kill them are being made victims a second time by the "rescuers" who claim they are there to help those same cats.

Hint: If your fellow feral cat rescuers all of a sudden start telling you just how wonderful, caring and professional the local animal control is, it's time to start realizing your cats' lives are likely in danger.

Truly despicable business, this Cat Rescue.

Kelley said...

This happens a lot. You really do need to beware of your animal "friends" and that is scary.

I know exactly who turned me in.

I'm surprised they are less forthcoming with information under FOI in CA than they are in TX.

I have the records of 98 cats that they killed because someone decided 100 cats was too many for a lady to have. They killed the cats as "sick/suffering" even though they admitted they had no signs of any illness.

Ed Muzika said...

By the way, according to the brief look we had at the City's documents, the "rescuer" that turned Mason in was:

Dee Glodis. Dee is short for something like Dinan. When we get the docs, I'll let you know.