Villaraigosa Likely Has 4 More Years

The Times says Villaraigosa has no notable opposition. Unless Obama gives him a Washington job, he is here to stay.

The Mayor has continued to support Boks because Blackman, for some reason, keeps telling Tony that Boks is doing well. Therefore, we don't know how long Boks will last even though it appears he is ready to sue the City. Even if he goes, there is no reason to believe Tony will appoint anything but a putz. I am sure there will be no national search. He might make Linda Barth the GM. There is absolutely no indication that Winograd will ever be called on.

However, as I reported before, there is a very pro-animal candidate to replace Weiss in the 5 precinct for Council, Paul Koretz:

With Zine, Cardenas, Rosendahl, Alarcon and Koretz on Council, perhaps the Mayor might do something. If Tony is going to remain as Mayor for another 4 years, Council will not oppose his decision to keep Boks.

No one thought Paul had much of a chance six months ago; he had no money. Now, or the five candidates he is second. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all the LA animal community to support him with money and volunteerism.

He has 300 major and minor endorsements:

Richard Alarcon
Janice Hahn
Nate Holden (ret.)
Joy Picus (ret.)
Ed Reyes
Bob Ronka (ret.)
Bill Rosendahl
Joel Wachs (ret.)
Herb Wesson
Dennis Zine

Mel Levine (ret.)
Brad Sherman
Jerome Waldie (ret.)
Diane Watson

Phil Angelides State Treasurer (ret.)
John Chiang State Controller
John Garamendi Lt. Governor
Betty Yee State Board of Equalization

Rick Auerbach Los Angeles County Assessor
Lee Baca Los Angeles County Sheriff

Ed Begley Jr.

AND, Rich McClellan who gives Paul the highest endorsement.

You can see the complete list of his endorsers on his website. You can sign up to volunteer at:

Paul sent this email to me after I volunteered to work events:

Thanks for the offer! I may take you up on that.

Fundraising-wise things are going pretty well. As of the June 30th report, I was in last place of the five serious candidates and trailing all by 35K to 40K. As of the Sept. 30th report, I raised $70,000 during that period, and passed all but one candidate, whom I am slightly behind! I out fund raised everyone during that period by 20-40K each.I still have a long way to go, with about $150,000 to raise in the next four months, but it can be done.

I have the best campaign consultant and most of the key endorsements in the race. Hopefully I can pull together a number of volunteers to walk and phone for me in the last few months.But the campaign overall looks very viable and I have a good shot.

Paul KoretzCandidate, LA City Council 5th District, 323-966-5942Please visit my website:


Jeff de la Rosa said...

"...even though it appears he is ready to sue the City"

Did I miss something? Where can I find more about this?

I thought Boks only GOT sued.

Ed Muzika said...

Boks is being sued by multiple entities, including a fired exployee and an auto accident in a City car.

Some time ago it became clear that the Mayor was no longer infatuated with Boks and his stay was tenuous.

He appears ready to sue the City for providing a hostile work environment as Diliberto claimed.