Ron Mason Actively Suicidal?

Let us get it straight: Ron Mason's life was changed for the worse forever by being busted by Ed Boks and the Animal Cruelty Task Force.

51 of his cats were seized and over 25 killed. He got to keep 3 and the rest were adopted out or killed.

Ron was depressed and living as an on and off day laborer. All his life he had been in construction. He ran his father's construction company for 17 years until the father died and relatives stole the company away from him.

Since his cats were seized and killed, since he was jailed for 4 days after being arrested for felony animal neglect, called insane by Boks publicly as well as referred to by Boks as a felon, as the Daily News repeated the same story, Ron became the laughing stock of neighbors and friends. All for Boks 15 minutes of fame of busting a horrible, terrible hoarder.

I go to dinner with Ron every week or so. He is increasingly depressed despite taking anti depressant medication, wanting to walk away from the responsibility of taking care of himself and the few cats and house he has left.

At 60 and out of shape, he cannot do any construction work now.

He talks about killing himself a lot, but he makes it sound not serious. He often jokes about blowing his brains out, but a joke repeated a hundred times is no joke. Good he has no weapon. There is no specific plan; therefore there is no legal basis for a 5150 hold.

He does have a psychiatrist whom he sees for medication and monitoring, but certainly not enough suuport for his fragile state.

About 6 months ago he was diagnosed as having a rather severe case of Diabetes Type 2, with blood sugar WAY up, over 500. Even with medication he has difficulty getting it below 200. Because of his lack of money, he eats all the wrong things like hot dogs, pizza, etc. he eats while at school.

So, he is very, very tired of life and talks about the repetitive boredom of life.

If anyone wants to help, please call him. I think more than anything he needs emotional support.

He is trying to improve his life. He is taking 2 all day courses on upholstering and silk screening at LA Occupational Center near Pierce College.

Here is a man who worked all his life, had his company stolen from him, had his cats stolen from him and killed and is now losing his health. It is the holidays during which many people feel depressed.

Most depressing for him is that no one came to his aid legally after having his civil rights so violated, his cats killed, his reputation destroyed by Boks, and Small Claims Court refused to have the City pay for the cages, carriers and traps confiscated by the ACTF and LAAS.

I would not be surprised if Ron did not make it through the winter and it is on Ed Boks' head. I will make it very publicly known that Boks, LAAS and ACTF were responsible.


Kelley said...


I will call him, but can he get a counselor? (not a psychiatrist, they are just for meds).

Anonymous said...

Those who go to visit Mason, bring him some healthy human food, nothing high in sugar or salt. Bring some cat food, litter. He's a very nice guy, has a good sense of humor though it's a bit of dark humor at the moment. Let's try to cheer him up, help him out, give him a reason to live.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Please send me Ron's phone number?

Ed Muzika said...

(818) 993-6816

Anonymous said...

Ed, please let Ron know that people have heard what happened to him all over the country, and that we are shocked by what's happening in Los Angeles. We're telling people at our state Capitols what happened to him. As evil as that travesty of justice was and is, his story may yet save others from having to go through even worse horrors.

When Ron talks suicide, even in jest, please remind him that Boks and his buddies will win big-time if Ron lets his life slip away. Tell Ron: don't let them win. Don't let them be proven right. Don't let them destroy you, your life or your attitude.

I'd tell Ron to keep going with those classes. Have the last laugh on L.A. - live well and prosper. Things will turn around; they always do. It takes time, much time, but good friends can help see him through. Ed, you're a good friend to Ron. So are the others who are talking with him. If I lived in the area I'd try to help him too.

Kelley said... wasn't just Ron. It is happening to someone, somewhere, in some state, practically every day. Someone needs to get a handle on it. It is far out of control already. People's lives are being ruined, and, of course, the animals suffer the most. They always do.

Anonymous said...

I am coming in from Montreal on this post found by googling SPCA'S. AM getting only bits and pices of this story but I can well imagine what's been done to this man.

We had a problem, with the last administrator, Pierre Barnotti of the Montreal SPCA, scamming millions a year from money donated and supposed to be spent on the animals entrusted to his care.

The new admin seems to be doing a better job.

What we need maybe is a man like ROn Mason to show them how to treat these precious animals.

God bless you Ron and don't give're needed on this planet.