The same people who brought us the raining death on Santa Monica ground squirrels, are about to exterimate cats using the same phony reasoning they used to kill the squirrels: They are vectors for rabies and Plague. Crap, they are unoriginal. They use this excuse everytime they want to kill something.

This is from Stray Cat Alliance.


Dear Felines Friends:

As many of you have been following, LA County Animal Control has been ordered by County Supervisor Don Knabe's office to get rid of over 100 fixed, healthy stray and feral cats living peacefully on the abandoned grounds of Rancho Los Amigos. They give ridiculous reasons like the plague and rabies, both of which the County's own veterinarian has stated basically these disease do not exist in cats in California.

The country has fenced off the abandoned buildings where the cats have lived for years. They have boarded up some areas and are planning on boarding up some more. The County gives ridiculous excuses, i.e. they will leave 2 holes not boarded up for the cats to escape but the truth is we don't know if those holes are accessible to all places.

Please read the blog for more information and a statement by Dr Patricia Meredith, MD, PhD on this misleading medical information.


PLEASE call the Office of Don Knabe and politely ask them to work with TNR groups to have the cats co-exist and to stop the non sense of trapping and killing the cats.


Tel: 213-974-4444 Fax: 213-626-6941

Please do NOT let the Office of Don Knabe send you to Animal Control. Animal Control is ONLY taking orders from Don Knabe's office. ONLY public pressure will stop this slaughter.

I just spoke to the office and the nice lady said the same old same old. Then she said she would give my message to Aaron Navarez. I said he is Animal Control and has NO power and to PLEASE pass my message to someone who works directly with Mr Knabe. She said she would try but Officer Navarez just called me back. We have to get through to people who can do something.

PLEASE call and get all your friends to call too but please read the blog first.

This blog will be updated daily.

Please contact us at info@straycatalliance.org after you have contacted County Supervisor Knabe's office so that we can keep track of correspondence.

My comment:

This is definitely a situation calling for civil disobedience--of couse I am not advocating it--but if I were, it would be in this situation.

I am sure many of you out there feel the same way. Time to get some wire cutters and crowbars to remove boarding.

Here is the URL for numerous photos of what Knabe is doing.


Here are more specific employees and emails in Knabe's Office to email and talk to. I guess this situation would be at the Downey fieild office, so call there.


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