ADL Blasts Those Who are Attacking Brenda Barnette and Urge Council Confirmation


Watch this link to just ONE of the weekly opportunities Barnette has implemented to get more of the public to adopt animals instead of buying from a breeder or Pet Shop. These are the sorts of creative things we need in Los Angeles to Stop The Killing:   (there is already a famous male entertainer who has offered to do these Pet of the Week 'youtube' video's for Barnette and LAAS when she gets here!)

Below is another positive quote, (we'll continue passing them on to our readers) from individuals who have WORKED along side Brenda Barnette. These are the individuals who we should be relying on for the TRUTH about Barnette, not a few jealous and vindictive welfarists who are spreading false rumors and showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt Barnette motivated by spite and/or a lack of knowledge about her that they should have gathered from those who have worked beside her. ADL-LA took FOUR DAYS to research Barnette and spoke to dozens of people about her after Mayor Villaraigosa announced her appointment as the next General Manager for LAAS; the naysayers should have done the same!  

The disputants are now even spreading rumors about ADL-LA and the fact that we are "battle weary" and that's why we're NOT going after Brenda Barnette. This is simply delusional thinking. ADL-LA isn't battle weary; we've fought animal campaigns for longer then the one to STOP THE KILLING at LAAS. 

The reason why we are supporting and giving Brenda Barnette a chance to "show her stuff" is that we did a thorough, in depth check on her and spoke to DOZENS of people who work and volunteer for her in her current position as CEO of Seattle Humane as well as other animals organizations she has worked in.

We did the SAME type of research on Ed Boks and even though everyone we spoke to told us negative things about him i.e. cooking the books, inept, disorganized, etc., ADL-LA STILL gave Boks a six month to one year "grace period" because we thought he may be able to do what he couldn't do in NYC and AZ. Obviously when ADL-LA learned he was doing EXACTLY the same 'shit' (excuse our French!) here in LA as in NYC and AZ we began posting this to our readers and dusted off our protesting shoes.

Surely those of you who are undecided about Barnette owe her as much of a chance as ADL-LA gave to Ed Boks! Another big difference in our research between Boks and Barnette is that NONE of the people we have spoken to have stated anything but positive things about Barnette; even though some may disagree with a few of her "personal views " they have all stated that she has done an AWESOME job and has single-handedly inspired a city and the SHS employees to get the LIVE SAVE RATE to 92% and has implemented the most progressive, creative programs ever seen in Seattle on behalf of lost and homeless animals.
ADL-LA doesn't have the time nor the energy to decipher how and why Jim Bickhart and Mayor Villaraigosa chose Brenda Barnette to be our new GM for LAAS, all we have the time to do is to be thankful to them because this time they and their interview committee have chosen someone who LA should be REJOICING about. KUDOS to Bickhart and the Mayor; that's all we have to say. 


BoardWatch said...

I think it's fine for ADL LA to take this stance. But why the campaign to urge council confirmation. When has council not confirmed a GM...or any other mayoral appointment, for that matter.

I also don't know if I consider the negative reports about Barnette as "attacking." If they are true statements, then they are true. If they are not, then she should say they are not true and be done with it.

Ed, this message without an introduction from you makes it look as though you have written it rather that ADL LA.

Ed Muzika said...

I have not heard any information that reflects poorly on her ability to run a large shelter system, or turn it to no kill.

None of her detractors, such as Phyllis Daugherty, and I here that Heisen is another, have any shelter experience.

Who she knows, who she is friends with, what organizations she is associated with do not reflect poorly on her ability to run the shelters.

She may have some non-PC beliefs, but that may be a plus.

For example, about whether cats should be declawed, mandatory spay/neuter, leash laws, etc. She is not the one who makes the laws.

Ed Boks lobbied against the declaw ban, allegedly because he was paid to do so.

But it does not matter if she is able to build a large and well functioning foster program, volunteer program, etc., where outsiders are welcomed in and can actually help.

Barth handles budgeting and administration and I assume she is good at it even if she is not well liked for other reasons.

I am focused on one thing: Barnette's ability to markedly increase the live save rate for all animals over a period of three years.

I don't assume she can get to no kill in three years, but if we see a 10% increase in live save each year for three years, we will be at 90%, the highest live save rate of the biggest shelters.

S.F. has a higher live save rate, but they also have S.F. S.P.C.A. working with them.

This will be a challenge with the budget and personnel cuts.

I just don't get why there is all the negativity unless as ADL claims, it is sour grapes and an effort to derail her confirmation.

Anonymous said...

None of the good things that we have heard about Barnette will matter unless she makes an concentrated effort to control the LAAS employees. This task is as important as "No Kill" as "No Kill" will never be accomplished as long as the employees are out fo control.

The Admin. Building where Barnette will be working is like a Country club.

Linda Barth is never around and the others take it upon themselves to do the same.

Ed Muzika said...

I think Barnette has been made aware of that. I am sure the Mayor's Office has made her aware of that.

This is a role I think outsiders like us can help play, which is to help her by publicly exposing the bad apples.

I think ADL and others might be able to help here.

Ed Muzika said...

Nathan endorses her huhh? All the more reason she wins my support. I too am against mandatory S/N without there being easy access to free or low cost S/N, and that went away weeks after the law went into effect and vets tripled their S/N prices and the City is running seriously low on money for the certificates.

Anonymous said...

Barnette could have the best intentions in the world, and we should be able to figure that out soon enough. But, it really doesn't matter.

She has no law enforcement experience and only small, limited-admission shelter experience. The heavily unionized LAAS employees will run all over her. No respect. They know more than she does about what they are doing, and that means she has to rely on them. Her lack of experience in a lot of important areas means they are in control and that's a recipe for disaster.

Add to that Nathan Winograd, and being reportedly against mandatory s/n - just passed as law in LA - and it's done before it has begun.

BoardWatch said...

Ed wrote:
"Barth handles budgeting and administration and I assume she is good at it even if she is not well liked for other reasons."

Barth handles EVERYTHING. Legislative actions, slapping the Board around, policy, shelter operations...everything. She is a workaholic who is able to do more than most humans. I don't know what is left for a GM to do except rub elbows and possibly fund raise--but I have serious doubts as to whether a City funded department should be soliciting money donations at all. If they cannot afford to run the department the way it should be run, then they should give it up.

No, there is nothing in Barnette's resume which says she cannot run a large shelter operation. Nor is there anything there that says she can.

Phyllis is Phyllis and who the heck knows what she wants except BSL and more enforcement? She hates rescuers and I have never heard her advocate for the killing of LESS animals. Ever.

I don't think the AKC issue is just non-PC. This animal activist community is, for the most part, anti-breeding and anti-puppy mill. The AKC's views and practices counter that directly. Barnette should step down from any position with any other animal-related organization while she in the City's employ.

I'll be interested in the meet and greets, if they happen. I wonder if they'll be by invitation...