Animal Cruelty Task Force TV Program, Wednesday Night on Discovery at 8 PM

Going on three years after Boks began negotiating with Animal Planet for a six week segment on LA ACTF, it is finally happening tomorrow night at 8 PM.

I know the public opposition to this series was very strong just after the Ron Mason raid that resulted in 50 impounds and 25 of his cats being killed, and I had heard nothing about any filming talking place. For all I know, the series could have been filmed two years ago. We'll find out.

I am looking forward to seeing the shows. I wonder how central busting "hoarders" will be to the series.

Before watching the show, watch the one on Youtube about Ron Mason's October 11, 2007 bust. Watch the woman ACO walking through the yard with a dog noose come along stick, even after Boks said it was very rarely used.

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Hey Ed Muzika interesting news thanks for sharing will be looking for more updates and will watch it.