I haven't seen posts of Smart for some time. They rescued a kitten of mine, Sita from a construction ditch in Van Nuys 6 months ago. 

This is amazingly good PR for animal services, whom the public perceives as givers of Notice to Comply for exceeding the 3 cat/dog limit.

How barbaric can a city be about enforcing such a trivial code?


Anonymous said...

Have no idea what this means. Please explain what "smart" is or stands for and provide a link to a website, an article, or a previous blog post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

SmART, Small Animal Rescue Team. It is a division of LA Animal Services. They have their own Facebook page.

They Call Me Chap said...

I didn't see a reference to the story you mention here. You are surprised that enforcement occurs? People are getting tired of animals who don't belong to them getting in their space everywhere they go. The linked article says it best.