Brenda Barnette Responds--In the right way!

I have ask for an investigation that goes beyond asking the players. If someone is interpreting policy in a way that costs cats lives, we have a big problem that I need to stop. That is not what we have discussed internally. In fact, we have tried to get very far out of the way of private rescues so they can do the work that we cannot now do.



Anonymous said...

If BB is to change the culture of the department, she must win the hearts and minds of the district managers. Otherwise she cannot rein in the officers.
The kennel supervisors, and the rest of shelter staff, can only be reached through the district managers.
To succeed she cannot alienate the district managers.
-- Son of Naysayer

Ed Muzika said...

It is my view she cannot do it alone. The community has to become involved and expose lots of the actions by ACOs and ATs for what they do--publicly. I did not attack Barnette; I attacked certain actions by some of her employees and asked whether they were following official LAAS policy.

For Christ's sake, actually read what I wrote in the posts and emails.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she can change the culture. The employees have been there too long and have never been held accountable. A losing battle if you ask me.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Anything can be changed.

And to think you can only reach the kennel staff though the Distric Manager is absurd, Son of Naysayer.

After the last town hall meeting, Barnette spent the entire next day in the shelters. She spends a lot of time in the shelters talking directly to where are you getting your flawed logic from?

You're right, Ed. She cannot do it alone. Every instance of thuggery and unwarranted rudeness by any employee must be reported with contact info for the witness, so that it can be followed up.

Anonymous said...

Notice she says private rescues. Not "New Hope Adoption Groups" or "rescue partners".

I agree with you Ed. Her response was positive.

Brad Jensen