West Valley Shelter Flyer Banning Feeding Feral Cats

This is what Off. Dimascio (sp?) sent me to prove that you cannot feed feral cats because it might feed non-domesticated wildlife predators.

Note that the flyer is entitled, " Information Pertaining to Maintenance of Cats Within the City of Los Angeles."

The last law cited is MC 53.06.5, Feeding of Non-Domesticated Mammilian Predators.

I just talked to Officer Pro who had a different take. He said it was a ban on feeding wildlife because feral cats might eat the food, which is just the opposite of what DiMascio (sp?) told, me, it is a ban on feeding feral cats because wildlife might eat it.

The question is, why is MC 53.06.5 being cited at all when it comes to "maintaining cats within the city of Los Angeles" if not to stop feeding ferals as Dimascio and Pro, each in their own way, allege?

I do understand one woman named Catherine, has been cited for feeding ferals and has to show up in court; she supposedly has obtained an attorney. However, all efforts to find more information have proven fruitless and perhaps this is just a rumor.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, let's pick this apart.

Feral cats are not being "kept" on any lot, enclosure, building, structure, or premises. They wander there. One could argue that feeding them brings them to such a location. However, they are not being kept there.

Ownership (the thirty day feeding rule) does not apply to any rescue group which has demonstrated that they have implemented an ongoing spay/neuter program, as well as an adoption program. Okay-so it was determined, upon embarking on such an adoption program, that they might not be "adoptable." Hey, but at least you embarked.

Yes, if you dump a bag of food and walk away, you are feeding ferals AND wildlife and you can be in violation. Officer Pro's take is almost funny. If he really said that, he's implying that it's okay to feed wildlife if ferals aren't around. There's nothing like creating an unafraid coyote if I do say so myself. He'd be best just pushing that hold button to ensure the shelter line is busy and avoid answering such questions.

Solution? Feed the ferals and wait until they are done. Then, gather up the leftovers so none is around for wildlife.

There, I rest my case.