Lawsuit is the Reason LAAS Goes After Feral Feeders-AMMENDED!

Three wildlife nonprofits have gone after the City's TNR program, and forced them to do a CEQA study of a citywide TNR program.

The City Attorney requires that the Department enforce a part of the City Ordnance section about not feeding homeless cats and dogs, because such feeding also "inevitably" feeds wildlife, or they are considered an owned or controlled animal running free on public property when the ordinance specifically exempts cats.

The City has been hindered in completing a CEQA investigation because feeders will not identify their colonies. The CEQA study is for investigation of whether populations are controlled, song birds are being killed in huge numbers, urine and feces causing environmental problems.

This is a City Attorney's guideline for LAAS to follow until the TNR issue is settled, which it may never be. This is not law and I don't think there is even a precedent in California or LA City. The attorney involved is probably Dov Lesel who appears to be really, really chicken *****.

Below is a link to the lawsuit. The City and LAAS have caved on the no-feeding aspect of the lawsuit even though it has not gone before a judge.

Of course, as long as the City has an official "interpreted by Dov" policy of going after feeders/caretakers until TNR is passed, who would let anyone in the City know where their colonies are?

Colonies are not outlawed--they won't go after them, although now, once again, LAAS is supposed to loan out traps.

However, none of this justify's the ACTF to act against feeders or colonies, unless they are saying that compliance with a judge's order is their foremost problem. This has nothing to do with animal cruelty. ACTF is administering their own law.

Here is the name and phone number of the plaintiff attorney:

Babak Naficy. Phone (805) 593-0926.

There is a second phone for an Inglewood location. Tel: 310-348-8495

I suggest you read the lawsuit and think of rebuttals for every point. Then call Naficy and complain but especially Dov for being such a chicken****.

It will do absolutely no good, but you'll feel better.

Dov is at:

Tell Dov not to be so chicken shit and caving to some lawsuit. Santa Monica failed its conscience over and over because of a VERY timid City attorney. Our's appears gutless too.

In addition, I think the City does not know how to do a CEQA because they are defining it in terms it will take years to complete; i.e., seeing the effect of TNR over a period of years.

This is a quick post in response to an earlier comment question. Much more later.


Anonymous said...

Dov Lesel is not the attorney.

You are going after the wrong people here. The lawsuit is the result of Boks' behavior. Legally they must do an enviro report. The commission instructed Boks and Bickhart to do the report. Boks as usual didn't want to follow the law.

Please, don't take the bait that Bickhart is feeding to you. He is lying.

Anonymous said...

The lawsuit isn't the reason they are going after feeders. The ACTF is going after feeders because it's easier than going after dog fighters.

Anonymous said...

The lawsuit actually names six non-profit bird and environmental protection groups, not three. These groups represent over 11,000 people. These are major bird and environmental groups, not just a few crazy tree huggers.

One group was actually behind the new wildlife policy in LA. They are the reason the City no longer kills all wildlife. They also were behind trying to save the Santa Monica ground squirrels. They are not the enemy.

They have no desire to outlaw TNR or kill cats. Don't let Boks fill your head with lies. They have nothing to do with the city going after cat feeders. The ACTF is behind that. They are controlled by LAPD, not Animal Services. They do whatever they want.

Make sure you are targeting the real bad guy and not just some innocent bystander. Boks wants you to attack the enviro groups. Don't take his bait.