Activists Blast HSUS

Animal Activists begin to blast HSUS.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with some points, but I'd like to point out that at approximately minute 4:24 there is a man with suspiciously no name or title under him spouting the same crap we see all the time about "The HSUS isn't a shelter, etc. etc" which is the word-for-word talking points that appear in the comments section of EVERY news story that comes out about HSUS - the talking points of puppy millers, breeders, probably AKC, and more.

I'm not saying there aren't valid criticisms to be made of HSUS. Their cynical partnering with dog-killer Michael Vick, their insistence on condemning any Pit Bull found in a fighting operation, even puppies born after police raids - even after the Vick dogs proved their contention that fighting dogs can't be rehabilitated wrong - I think is contemptible.

But this anonymous "critic" spouting talking points from breeders is too blatant a hatchet man to be ignored.

It's also pretty absurd for Jennifer Pryor to be saying she "[doesn't] support big rich organizations anymore" because she's "too educated" while it says onscreen that she's a board member of PETA. It would be a joke, but it's not funny. PETA takes in millions and does tremendous harm to the cause of animal rights by making us all look like buffoons who have no idea what's really important and serious. They also throw women under the bus at every possible opportunity. If she doesn't like big, rich groups who don't really help animals what on earth is she doing anywhere near PETA?