Since the Commission and Council Won't Do It...

Since the AS Commission has not presented lately any non-S/N ideas to Council lately for legislation, what if we, the people, put some of our own ideas on the ballot?

I propose a ballot measure to mandate No-Kill within three years.

First, No-Kill will be described as a goal and has an operative meaning other than a literal meaning. That operational meaning will be described, not as no adoptable or treatable animal being killed, because using those terms, Marcia Mayeda said County was no kill in 2005 even after killing 79% of all impounded cats. We might use the 90% definition now currently accepted by many as "No-Kill," of we might get even clearer medical definitions.

In any event, we put out a ballot that acknowledges that LA Voters have shown by previous a ballot measure their commitment to the No-Kill concept, but that for one reason or another, the kill rates and numbers have climbed. Now it is time to make the City to be held accountable for making No-Kill happen.

But there has to be some mechanism for making the City accountable if it doesn't happen or the same old complaints of under staffing, poor employees, union, civil service and a bad public will be trotted out again as reasons not to achieve No-Kill.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to contact Council and Mayor's office regarding these administrative employees. They regularly disappear for two hour lunches and have no accountability.

Boks was incompetent; however the one thing he recognized was that DAS employees are lazy and resistant to change. These are the same employees who complained about Boks, primarily because he wanted them to work for a living. If Boks was finally held accountable for his failures, so should these employees be held accountable as well.

Until an audit is conducted of all facets of administration and employees are held accountable for their actions, nothing, ballot measures, new leadership, etc. will work and the Department will continue to operate decades behind other Animal Care and Control agencies.

Anonymous said...

Another stupid idea. Why don't you volunteer in the shelters! See for yourself that "no-kill" is a lofty ideal but an unrealistic concept in an open-admission system.