Jimmy's Cats Ask For Compassion

This is from Jimmy's tent behind Bed, Bath and Beyond in Northridge. This is a test of Blogger's capability of posting videos. Jimmy is reading for the cats.


Beautiful and Heartwrenching said...


And there she is! The little gray and white precious doll! Sooo precious. Beautiful statement and wonderful picture of them. It must be so hot out there lately for Jimmy and those kitties! God bless him and God help those cats!

There is also a man named David sitting outside of Carrows on Devonshire---very clean, like Jimmy. So sweet, wonderful man. He's so thin. Hungry. God I could just cry and cry. $5 here, $5 there, it's just not enough.

These are wonderful, wonderful sweet, sweet people! I hurt so much for them, Ed!!

This is a tear jerker you know. Makes you feel so helpless because these people need a home, decent shelter over their heads, and so do these wonderful beautiful sweet, sweet cats. That gray and white one is like a marshmellow in your arms. I so wish I could take them. I've got 14 and with my husband going through chemo and all, I just can't take anymore without someone getting sick and neglected, you know?

God I love these people and these cats.

Thank you so very very much for making this video for them.

Anonymous said...

Is this on YouTube? I would be happy to post if on my blog and facebook if it is.

Ed Muzika said...

I think you can just cut and paste it as I do from other blogs.

It won't allow me to post the code in this comment.