Jimmy Gets a Real Public Defender

Today, before Jimmy got a public defender who was going to try to get the case dismissed, the City Attorney prosecuting the case told me the City has the jurisdiction to prosecute Jimmy for trespassing on County property, insinuating that he had talked to someone from County Public Works who told him the County wants Jimmy off their land because of liability issues. Mr. Atteukenian would not give me that person's name, therefore I suspect the truthfulness of that allegation.

Jimmy's last Public Defender, Monica, told Jimmy to plead guilty, and became outraged when Jimmy told her he fed feral cats. He fired her immediately, and that was two months ago.

Patrick McDonald of the LA Weekly was there and I am sure will post about today's outcome.

Many people have stopped by Jimmy's tent since the article came out, including our own Lori Golden and a fellow named Jason who wants to become active in helping homeless cats in the Valley.

Others have stopped by just to talk, and others to give Jimmy food for cats or for himself. Jimmy feeds seagulls and pigeons twice a day too, and would appreciate anyone who could donate crakers or cookies.

In the meantime, others have been working to getting Jimmy national media attention and we will see how that plays out.

Jimmy's new court date is, get this, September 11, 2009. Imagine, and Arabic speaking middle easterner going to court on 9/11.


Anonymous said...

The city attorney showed a business card from someone from the county but he covered up the person's name and information on the card so we couldn't tell who it was to verify. I believe it was just a game. He didn't speak to anyone from county. City does not have power to act on behalf of county land.

The city attorney, prosecutors have to meet set numbers of guilty pleas in order to keep their job or get promotions. They try to railroad as many people as possible to meet their numbers. They will do anything to meet their numbers, lie, cheat, misquote law, misquote witnesses... I witnessed this today. The city attorney misquoted city/county laws to the plaintiff when he was didn't have an attorney around. He said "they could just go anytime and force you off the land, you could go to jail..."

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Jimmy is trespassing on public property? I would venture to guess that most of us are guilty of doing that.

Brad Jensen

Anonymous said...

I walked across the street. Ran down the sidewalk. Strolled through the park. Went to City Hall. Pitched a tent at a state owned campsite. I'm a trespasser!

There were people being escorted into court in jail clothing handcuffed. Everyone had baggy pants, tattoos all over, were there for DUI, assault, domestic battery...and then there was Jimmy. Crazy that he was charged criminally.

Naser Cheerleader said...

I am praying my heart out for Naser, his cats, and his seagulls. I look over toward his tent everytime I go by Tampa Blvd., hoping he and his cats are still there, that they are all safe, and well-fed. But hope and prayer isn't enough. Action like the kind Muzika and Mary Cummin's are taking on behalf of Jimmy by exposing his plight and going to court with him is true prayer in action.