Sea Shepherd Ship Rams Japanese Harpoon Boat

These are my kind of guys. No picketing. No flyers.

If you have been following "Whale Wars," you have seen the Japanese whaling fleet becoming increasingly violent towards the Sea Shepherd ship, the Steve Irwin, using nets, noise machines and even flash bang grenades thrown by Japanese Coast Guard members staying on the Japanese vessels.

Recently the Japanese have grown so bold as to kill the whales right in front of the Steve Irwin's crew.

Watson, true to form rammed the harpoon vessel as it was trying to transfer a dead whale to the factory ship, where it would be processed for food in a half hour or so.

It is quite brutal the way the Japanese kill the whales, first with the harpoon, and then the whale struggles for a half hour drowning in its own blood. Finally, the harpoon vessel gets the whale close enough to the ship and pump it full of bullets.

Having seen three whales killed thus right in front of them, Watson decides to ram the harpoon boat to prevent the whale being transferred to the factory boat.

You can see several seens by clicking the video below. I am so far in disagreement with those who say it is reckless and counterproductive to risk human life. How can you watch the videos of the whales being killed and blame the Sea Sheperds? I don't know why animal people embrace pacifism so much.

I am sending him a check tomorrow.

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