Longcore Refuses to Respond to My Charge That His Call for Cat Sanctuary Is a Cynical Cover For His Death Recommendations

Neither Drs. Longcore or Rich of Urban Wildlands have responded to my email response to his email where he says he does not recommend killing cats, but offers the idea of cat sanctuaries and increased adoptions and apparently euthanasia as a last resort.

I pointed out Urban Wildlands is recommending removal of 50% of up to 3,000,000 cats, even while LAAS currently places in adoptions, returns to owner, or rescues only 39.5% of its current 24,000/year cat impounds and that recommending LAAS and the community gear up to deal with 10 times or more the number they handle now through sanctuaries, is just a cynical ploy to make Longcore appear to have a heart. Urban Wildlands' 50% removal recommendation would result in up to a million and a half cats being killed.

He cannot defend how heartless his recommendation is, recommending birds over cats and condemning a million to death.

How could he respond?

What gets me most though is the utter contempt with which the Mayor's Office responded to the lawsuit, basically by denying they ever had a TNR program rather than doing a CEQA analysis years ago.

Bickhard said they needed live feral colony experience and they couldn't get that, yet he had the opportunity to enlist the aid of local organizations that colony caretakers could trust and give information to. But no, Bickhart said the experts in the Mayor's Office were handling the situation and no amateurs were needed. There was no transparency in the process at all, just as there has been none in the GM selection process so far. Can we expect a better outcome from the GM selection process as the lawsuit defense?

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