Photos Of the Nepalese Horror

Nepal begins controversial animal sacrifice festival

A Hindu devotee slaughters a buffalo in Bara district, some ...Hindu devotees and Nepalese police walk past the slaughtered ...
Thu Nov 26, 2:31 AM ET
Thu Nov 26, 2:31 AM ET


Animal Sacrifices said...

WHY don't animal activists go out and protest these crimes? WHY aren't these people getting slaughtered instead?!

Ed Muzika said...

There were protests throughout India, Nepal and the world to no avail.

Gandhi certainly was not talking about India or Nepal when he was talking about taking good care of animals.

Cows and monkeys may lead a good life, but not the other animals.

Anonymous said...

They at least eat the animals, right?

Anonymous said...

Screw Nepal and the disgusting Hindus who participate or watch this outrageous "festival". I wouldn't mind one of our bunker-buster bombs accidentally falling on these folks. Their actions are truly pornographic. These are the nicest things I can say about these "less-ons" (dumber than morons). How in the world do people dream up things like this???

Anonymous said...

Hindus normally do not engage in such kind of mass animal sacrifices in the name of religion.Being a "hindu" by birth I was shocked to witness this.
I thank Edji to bring this up.Most hindus will be totally unaware of this.
In India such sacrifices are banned by Law.Hindus DO NOT engage in such kinds of sacrifices here.Such things are absolutely unheard off in an normal hindu family.I was shocked that this was happening in Nepal.
Hindus are predominately vegetarians and most are peace loving and compassionate.This will put them in a bad light even though it is not happenning in India.
This needs to end.
Thank you Master.


"Porno-less-ons" said...

#3, Pornographic is the ideal word for this blatant, in-your-face, watch me how good I am with a machete, bloodthirsty ritual.

So Sorry about my ignorance about Gandhi and his compassion for animals (Mr. Muzika). I had forgotten, after seeing this horror. Just makes you cry and cry, you feel so helpless...

If a bomb were dropped on these "less-ons" it would blow all the animals' limbs and brains open. But, I do wish a bomb could be selective as to follow their ass and blow these pshychos' brains open and cause the same amount of agony as they are perpetrating on these sweet little guys. God, it just makes you cry. It's times like these when you fall on your knees and pray your heart out for justice.

I am so sorry. I'll bet God hurts so bad each and every time one of these psychos takes a machete to the head of his little creatures. Sheer terrorism.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what some do in the name of spirituality.

Then again, Satan is a spirit.

Anonymous said...

Can we not use this as an opportunity to smear entire religions and cultures? It's pretty well known that the protests against this atrocity came from all over Asia as well as from the West.

It's also pretty hard to make the case that this is any worse than the Canadian seal "hunt," which consists of walking up to babies who can't escape and beating them to death...while trying to to muss up their pretty fur. I don't see anyone saying "Screw Canada and all those disgusting Episcopalians!" It's exactly the same thing, except for the perception that Canadians are white people, although I'm pretty sure I saw a Black man and an Asian there once.

God love Hindus, as Indian restaurants are one place vegetarians can find more than one menu option. Also I believe the lawsuit against McDonalds for using beef fat in their french fries without telling anyone was brought by two vegetarians and a Hindu.

We live in a country that allows massive puppy mills, which is slow torturous death for millions of breeder dogs and diseased puppies. We allow the Iditarod, canned hunts, and the Omak Suicide downhill horse race that routinely kills horses. We make a highly-paid hero of Michael Vick. We largely ignore other large dog- and cockfighting operations.

We live in Los Angeles with a Mayor who couldn't care less about our sky-high shelter kill stats, in a county that still pays Marcia Mayeda a six-figure salary to employ animal abusers and killers. If they start dropping bunker-busters on animal-abusive cultures we're in big trouble, folks.