Who Was Afraid of a Cartographer? The Mayor's Office

This is the guy who sank TNR for Los Angeles, and attempted to do the same to Beverly Hills.


 B.A. Geography, University of Delaware, 6/1993
 M.A. Geography, University of California - Los Angeles, 9/1995
 Ph.D. Geography, University of California - Los Angeles, 12/1999

Affiliations with Research Centers, Labs, and Other Institutions

 GIS Research Laboratory,http://www.uscgislab.net/

Notice his degrees are in geography and he is an associate professor of geography at USC, and an occasional environmental sciences lecturer at UCLA. He has coauthored 16 papers and one book. Only one of those papers was about feral cats. He has no veterinary or biology background. Basically he is a map maker, yet the City of LA decided not to take him on and actively fight his lawsuit against the City's TNR policy.

Under Boks, TNR was the unofficial City policy, and Longcore and Rich of Urban Wildlands ended that.

The Mayor's Office, instead of doing a CEQA, in fact stopped all CEQA research, stopped the unofficial TNR policy, and then denied the City ever had such a policy and was caught lying and lost the lawsuit. Try to get any info out of the dept. about their feral research, CEQA or anything else. No information was allowed out.

This entire collapse of TNR is basically the result of Longcore's lawsuit and a very inept Mayor's Office response. Hundreds if thousands of feral cats have died already due to lack of City support and feral spay/neuter vouchers.

By the way, GIS means geographical information science.

His incredibly biased attack on every aspect of Beverly Hills proposed TNR ordinance can be found at:


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