Mayor Extends Kathy Davis Appointment As Interim GM Six Months

December 2, 2009
Honorable Members of the City Council

Re: Request for Extension for Temporary Appointment of Kathy Davis, Interim
General Manager of the Animal Services Department

Dear Honorable Members:

Under City Charter Section 508(c) I hereby submit to the City Council for approval a
request to extend the period of time during which the position of the interim General
Manager of the Animal Services Department, currently filled by Ms. Kathy Davis, may
be filled by temporary appointment.

The term for Ms. Davis' current temporary appointment expires on January 1, 2010. As
permitted by the Charter, request an extension for a period of up to six months.
I thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that extra six months gives Kathy Davis time to review the laws she doesn't seem to grasp yet; laws that exist expressly to regulate agencies like the one she finds herself (nominally) heading. This particularly since she only came to L.A. and joined the department in 2008. Talk about a fast rise, especially for someone who is presumably not dating the Mayor.

Thank God she has experienced old hands like "Assistant" GM Linda Barth to guide her, much like Jim Henson guided Kermit the Frog, considering again that Barth is only at L.A. Animal Services because she screwed up at Recreation and Parks and so they shunted her into LAAS, because who cares what happens to animals?

Maybe Kathy Davis could even commit to memory the Superior Court's painstakingly explicit definition of "irremediable suffering," since it's clear from the story below that she believes it's anything any LAAS staff member feels like calling it when they think it'll be quicker and easier to kill a lost pet than provide him or her with basic vet care like...oh, food.

Of course it's probably quicker and more effective for her just to "date" the Mayor.