Requests for Public Records

Brad Jensen made a number of requests for public records, for which Mr. Pool requested two week extensions. Among the interesting requests is information on the various GM candidates and the selection procedure. The extensions will be up in a few days and I'll let you know the results.

If anyone ever has any information for me at any time, email me at:

Dave Axelrod, Obama's chief advisor, told the press today that Obama has no plans to reverse his opening of 167,000,000 acres to offshore drilling.

I took a look at Elena Kagan's bio, and though neither Clinton nor Obama are/was making any liberal appointments to the supreme court, I think she'll do a good, liberal job.  Her master's thesis was on socialism in NYC and the conclusion was there needed to be more liberal activism in the US. She may be Obama's liberal Trojan Horse.

I think what Obama meant by "Hope you can believe in," is "The kind of change that everyone expects from a dealmaking politician without a real set of principles."
However, if the Democrats and Obama pass an an immigration reform bill that requires a national numbered identity card, I am going to move to Costa Rica with Rush Limbaugh.


Anonymous said...

Great Post. Depressing stuff w/ Obama vowing to continue to drill. You made me laugh off my seat with the move to Costa Rica with Rush Limbaugh, thouogh!

L-O-L! I needed that! That Trojan Horse image is so beautiful too!!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Pool has requested a two week extension in order to buy some time into obtaining City Attorney advise on how not to comply witht he request. It takes 20 minutes to put those records together.

Kianna said...

I'll be counting the days until we get news about the TOTAL number of ORDERS given out each day to have your TNRs and your own animals killed! I want to know how many healthy animals have suffered and died at the hands of Animal Cruelty Task Force officers as a result of this mockery they call the law. I want to know how this city who already has so much blood on its hands is spending our money and turning it against us.


Any Numbers of Orders this year yet? said...

Any progress on accessing records for the number of 53.50 Orders issued to cat people this year by AC and ACTF both?