Why Does a Dept Going So Bankrupt, Spend So Much Time Enforcing the Kennel Law?

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I intend to investigate the log books of the various shelters involved in all these Notice to Comply cases where there are alleged neighbor complaints followed by LAAS visits and Notices. Something is rotten in Denmark. My contact email is edwardmuzika@sbcgloibal.net. This is especially brought to my attention after my visit by AS a month ago after someone allegedly complained about me raising feral cats in my backyard.


You know those new commercials making feel people guilty for feeling guilty about the "pity" they feel for dogs at the shelter and guilt you into adopting a shelter dog (Pedigree something?).

No parenthetical statement or small print anywhere in the commercial telling you that if you already have three animals living or roaming anywhere in your residence, you are going to get a knock on your door with people with a gun ordering you to get rid of them---"cut down" on the shelter dog/s you adopted; "cut down" on the fosters the shelter kept harrassing you into "fostering" (for life). This way, your name is on the computer and you are an easy target. You are an easy intimidation and harrassment case. They just love it. Animals die and they don't have to be the ones to kill them.

All they have to do is come knocking on your door saying that they have received a complaint stating that you are a hoarder and that your neighbors are complaining. They give you a notice to "cut down" on the numbers of animals--no matter if your place is spotless and everyone is fat and healthy and has been recently vaccinated against everything under the sun--you show them those medical records, it's all on your head.

Easy job! You lose, your animals lose. The fosters from LAAS and the adopted animals from commercials lose, your TNR's lose!

They push the public so they have someone to go after, and they're job is done for the day!

You do what they beg you to do, you volunteer, you do the city's work---join in on the community work to help animals like they beg the public to do, and then they get together and talk about it to "teach you a lesson"---"educate" you. They educate you into never lifting a finger for a shelter animal or a stray in your community ever again. You've been on record for "hoarding complaints."

None of your neighbors called. It is all a fabrication so that they are allowed to invade your premises and your life. All this for five animals on your property, all living under exceptional conditions, mind you. But they lie and turn it all around. They've got you.

I look at the commercials on television about adopting a shelter dog now---with all their sad faces, and think---if you should ever be so fortunate as to find a human who will take you out of your prison of sadness, you may just wind up back where you started, or worse. Why? No small print telling people to avoid adopting if they are already spaying and neutering homeless animals (and they happen to be cats your neighbors are feeding), and you already have LAAS fosters at home who were pushed on to you and happened to be the left-overs who never got adopted!

Bingo. You are treated like a crimminal. The shelters push the public into taking their animals, and doing their part in the community, you do what they ask, (do the city's job for them), and then they send officers after you for disobeying the law.

Our taxpayer money begs these people to suck the public into disobeying the law so they can get paid for upholding the law later.

Our own taxpayer money is being used to victimize our animals, the city's animals, and homeless animals and their people. You do the city's job and your taxpayer money gets turned against yourself.


Kianna said...

"Ah, there's the rub!"

This is where our taxpayer money should go. You should be paid for your investigations!


Kianna~ said...

LAAS, alone, may not have the manpower or money to go out and investigate kennel law issues, but they will forward a (false) allegation to ACTF, who will use your taxpayer money to issue you an order.

ACTF will show up at your door with an outrageous fabricated hoarding commplaint from some "anonymous" party. If they find the allegations are false, but they find more than three animals on your premises, no matter if everything is clean and everyone is healthy, they will throw the kennel law at you.

They lie when they show up at your door in order to make their way into your home. You show them every corner of your home, inside and out, trying to disprove the allegations, and that's where they slap you with the kennel law and issue you an order.

LAAS forwards these complaints to ACTF who goes out to do their investigations. ACTF is using up our taxpayer money to enforce the kennel law. They look like victors, saving animals from animal cruelty, when they have put in their fair share of investigations and orders to "cut down" on the number of animals in your home.

It may be that LAAS and ACTF have done some good things to save animals from injury and death and true hoarding siutations, and it may be that a lot of the true animal cruelty cases are thrown out of court (I don't know...). What is for certain is that their department keeps running on your taxpayer dollar when LAAS pushes animals on you and then sends the ACTF to go after you with some made up charge.

It's a good breather from true animal cruelty cases. You just go to these nice people's homes (people who are trying to help); intimidate the crap out of them with your overblown allegations, (say there are a ton of cats at such and such a place and that they are all living in their own feces and urine inside the house, and you've got yourself a victim. The nice person shows them around inside the house (i.e., Ron Mason), the officers meet your cats, and then they slap an order on you so that you can feed them to the coyotes, hand them down to the next person or have them killed. "[They] really can't advise you on what to do; you have to figure it out for yourself." They leave laughing their heads off because you were so easy!

What would be very interesting is an investigation on all the LAAS and ACTF personnel. Have an unbiased officer go out to investigate each and every one of them because there is a hoarding complaint against each and every one of them. Slap each of them with the same order they issued everyone else who was living under the same conditions. See if they play that game with our money. I doubt they will go there, but that would be an easy job for them to do too if they want to make all things equal.

I'm joking of course. We don't want to place animals in any more predicaments than they are already wtih the Gestapo going around door to door acting like they're protecting the safety and welfare of the animals and the public.


Kianna~ said...

It happened to you, Ron, Mark, Leslie, Bonita, and who knows who else, (Jimmy?). If the coyotes aren't enough to search them out and rip their hearts out, the animals have got the ACTF and LAAS to finish them (and their caretakers) off.