I received a comment I had to post. This is how many in the LA animal community see animal services: utterly insane, inconsistent, and authoritarian.

Kianna~ said...

First they build huge state-of-the art shelters and then they close them down.

They tell you to spay and neuter and release, then they go after you for trapping without a permit.

They encourage you to adopt, but don't tell you that there is only a 3-animal legal limit.

If you see a problem, they tell you to do something about it yourself and redirect you to organizations to help you resolve the problem. Then they kick you in the face, threaten you, and order you to stop when you do what the organization advises.

They push TNR, then go after you for "maintaining more than the legal limit" and order you to get "rid of them."

It's about time they closed the shelters. These people either don't know their ass from a hole in the wall, or they just like intimidating people by throwing around their authority.

Maybe they're just a bunch of incompetent hypocrites who are too lazy to go after the real crimminals so they punch in the clock and put in their quota for the day by going after the easy targets.

It's about time the shelters closed down and those people found somewhere else to go, away from animals. Maybe push a lawnmower somewhere, do some custodial work, front office reception, or work at a bakery.

That leaves the ACTF to resolve animal issues. They go two-by-two, their threats are more severe and carry a gun.

Ever fell like Linda Blair in the Excorcist? They encourage you to TNR and adopt, then they send the ACTF after you to get rid of the animals they have "encouraged" you to spay and neuter, foster, and adopt yourself, after you've had them for five years.

What they want to do is close the shelters so that people end up letting their dogs loose on the street to fend for themselves from now on. If you have four dogs and a cat, "you need to get rid of two!"

If you have five cats, "get rid of two of them." They can care less if any of them were LAAS fosters and you've had them and loved them for five years. They can care even less if any of them are TNR's. You need to get rid of them.


Besides euthanizing all of those animals at the shelter, they want you to have your own animals killed. This isn't the City of Angels anymore. It's City of the Gestapo.



Ask Marion said...

You are absolutely right about the LA system as well as many others in California and in thecountry.

I am 100% in your corner!

It is time for the Feds to release some of that "so-called" stimulus money for grants to help people who really care about these animals instead of the ridiculous projects that they have funded that amount to nothing or the politicians and bankers just stuffing their own pockets.

And it is definitely time for these ridiculous big brother restrictions on the amount of animals (obviously within reason and someones' means) to be lifted and abolished. Too many areas with home owners associations will only allow people to have 2 or even 1 pet total. That is insane.

Checkout my site at http://justonemorepet.wordpress.com.

I have some ideas along these lines and want to build a team to work with me.

I feel that all shelters and rescues should be no-kill facilities.


Anonymous said...

They tell you to foster kittens for the Dept. When they can't adopt them out you keep them so they won't kill them. Later they tell you to get rid of all cats over three. Then they have the nerve to email me asking me to foster more kittens! WTF?! I got stuck with these kittens for life. Should I have just turned them over and let them kill them?

They beg New Hope partners to take more and more animals. Then they tell us to get rid of all animals over three. They will not give us a kennel permit to have over three because we foster the animals in our homes. Why did they beg us to take these animals when they know we foster in the home?

Kianna~ said...

Hugs and more hugs to you, Ed. Thank YOU for allowing me see that I'm not the only crazy one around here! These impersonators of justice WANT you to go insane so that they can win over your life and your identity.

These "officials" look like victors and Gods when they decend upon the innocent and unsuspecting.

The officials hand out their orders to comply without ever having to pay a single penny from their own pocket in order to make an animal's life just a little bit better.

Do they reimburse you for your costs after they have encouraged you to foster, TNR, or adopt?

Are they reimubursing you for the emotional cost of having your animals disappeared when the officials decend on you and threaten to kill your animals?

Are they reimbursing you for the cost of having your animals killed?

They just issue you an order and walk away, unscathed.

Many of those animal "gods" have themselves gone beyond the 3-animal legal limit at home. Do the animal gods apply the same law to themselves or order each other to have their own animals obliterated?

They will, however, order you to have your own animals disappeared by any method you choose, since "now" those animals are "legally" yours.

"They are YOUR property."

You can ask the official gods: "Exactly how would you like these perfectly heatlhy and happy animals killed," and which "two" would you suggest should be killed first?"

They don't tell you they want them killed--oh, no, they didn't say THAT! The order they issue from heaven just wants them "gone."

"Take them somewhere else," "call a rescue," "relocate them," "ask your neighbors if they can take any."

Feed them to the coyotes. Pass the buck.

What kind of a "God" hates to see his creature so healthy and so happy that he has to send his angels of death to kill it? A false God. A Hypocrite. A mocker of the system. A hater of justice and mercy and a Liar and a Deceiver: a demon bully who goes to and fro upon the earth to see whom he might devour.

Who gets killed and tortured for nothing and whose lives are runined forever as these impersonators of justice decend upon innocent victims? The animals and their caretakers.

OUR TAXPAYER MONEY is paying these official gods to go out two-by-two to seek and destroy.


Gregory J. Pollock said...

I think LA city council is getting truthful inside information about the goings on within LAAS and is choking off LAAS(financially). Its what LA City Council can do. They control the purse strings so to speak. Maybe the Mayor just doesn't want any more embarrassments. At this point The Mayor is like the guy who's spinning plates on sticks and the plates are starting to fall and break!

Gregory Pollock

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder, does anyone conduct reference checks when they hire these employees? Other City Departments do. I would be willing to bet the Animal Department hires for all the wrong reasons.

It also would be nice to know if background checks are conducted as well.

I bet the answer to both questions is no. Is there a way we can find out?

Kianna~ said...

Boy, #2 sure has been there and done that!

Also, you know those new commercials making feel people guilty for feeling guilty about the "pity" they feel for dogs at the shelter and guilt you into adopting a shelter dog (Pedigree something?).

No parenthetical statement or small print anywhere in the commercial telling you that if you already have three animals living or roaming anywhere in your residence, you are going to get a knock on your door with people with a gun ordering you to get rid of them---"cut down" on the shelter dog/s you adopted; "cut down" on the fosters the shelter kept harrassing you into "fostering" (for life). This way, your name is on the computer and you are an easy target. You are an easy intimidation and harrassment case. They just love it. Animals die and they don't have to be the ones to kill them.

All they have to do is come knocking on your door saying that they have received a complaint stating that you are a hoarder and that your neighbors are complaining. They give you a notice to "cut down" on the numbers of animals--no matter if your place is spotless and everyone is fat and healthy and has been recently vaccinated against everything under the sun--you show them those medical records, it's all on your head.

Easy job! You lose, your animals lose. The fosters from LAAS and the adopted animals from commercials lose, your TNR's lose!

They push the public so they have someone to go after, and they're job is done for the day!

You do what they beg you to do, you volunteer, you do the city's work---join in on the community work to help animals like they beg the public to do, and then they get together and talk about it to "teach you a lesson"---"educate" you. They educate you into never lifting a finger for a shelter animal or a stray in your community ever again. You've been on record for "hoarding complaints."

None of your neighbors called. It is all a fabrication so that they are allowed to invade your premises and your life. All this for five animals on your property, all living under exceptional conditions, mind you. But they lie and turn it all around. They've got you.

I look at the commercials on television about adopting a shelter dog now---with all their sad faces, and think---if you should ever be so fortunate as to find a human who will take you out of your prison of sadness, you may just wind up back where you started, or worse. Why? No small print telling people to avoid adopting if they are already spaying and neutering homeless animals (and they happen to be cats your neighbors are feeding), and you already have LAAS fosters at home who were pushed on to you and happened to be the left-overs who never got adopted!

Bingo. You are treated like a crimminal. The shelters push the public into taking their animals, and doing their part in the community, you do what they ask, (do the city's job for them), and then they send officers after you for disobeying the law.

Our taxpayer money begs these people to suck the public into disobeying the law so they can get paid for upholding the law later.

Our own taxpayer money is being used to victimize our animals, the city's animals, and homeless animals and their people. You do the city's job and your taxpayer money gets turned against yourself.