Jimmy Coming Home This Weekend

Jimmy has lived by himself on the streets too long. He was not adopting well to life working 70+ hours a week in Shaz Restaurant in Sacramento. Jim was having a difficult time getting along with people. The owner claimed Jimmy had frequent emotional outbursts and would yell and criticize him in front of customers. Apparently, according to the owner, he did not take directions from coworkers and supervisors. Jason, his friend, is going up this weekend to bring Jimmy and Meena back. Then we'll get to hear Jimmy's side.

Even when Jimmy was working in Santa Monica and Northridge, he lived on the streets. He had desperately wanted this work situation in Sacramento to work out.

Normally, it can take many, many months to years for a long time homeless person to re-integrate into a "normal" working society, and a restaurant, where he apparently and allegedly frequently acted out anger, is not a good place to start re-integration, as he was working 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is extremely physically demanding on a 52 year old man who usually didn't get up until 2 pm, and then did nothing all day but feed cats and hang around his camp site.

What happens next will sure be interesting. Even though he was supposed to move according to papers he signed, I am sure he missed a court date during the five weeks he has been gone, and if he goes back to his tent, he might be in trouble.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this but I can understand. I met him once. He was very nice but I could see him getting upset at things and speaking out. You tried, the restaurant guy tried. It's tough to go from very little responsibility and work to a double workload.