Animal Services Improved Statistics

Everyone should ignore Boks' year end spin reports and take a look at the actual statistics posted on the website--that is, if these are actual, that is, true statistics.

There has been a substantial increase in the live-save rate, from about 53% to 60% by one way of measuring.

Live cats and dogs in, 44,662, and live out, 26,603, equals 59.6%. This does not include fosters because this is a temporary category, not a final disposition.

This about as good as we expect the Philly year end numbers to be. Of course, LAAS has 6 times Philly's resources and we should expect more. But it is a significant improvement over Boks' first year where there was no improvement.

There have been allegations--and I have also made them--that a large number of neonatal kittens were turned away. Witness Animal Services refusal to impound Mason's kittens before the raid. If as many as 1,800 neonatals were turned away, instead of admitted and killed, the live save rate would have been more like 56%.

The rate of improvement in Animal Services live save statistics for cats and dogs, is about 13% compared to Philly's 28%. That is, Philly is increasing the live save rate more than twice as fats as LA with 1/6th the resources..

I doubt Boks will be here another whole year, but it will be interesting to see whether the Philly and LAAS improvement trends remain the same or hold at the same level.

This is just a first glance analysis and I have not looked at the "other" animals or rabbit categories yet, which appear to be a disaster.

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Anonymous said...

He again failed rabbits and others horrible. Things are worse than before he got here.

On the surface it looks like cats/dogs have improved. Upon further examination things aren't as rosy. The decrease in cat/dog euthanasia is equal to the increase in animals dying on their own, refusing kittens and ferals and an increase in dog adoptions. He says cat/dog euth fell 27%. If you factor out increase in animals dying, refusal of kittens, the euth rate went down 4%. This is assuming the rest of his numbers are honest.

4% wouldn't be a bad decrease. Why does he have to lie and say it's 27%? As Jane Hoffman said, this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. It can't be done overnight. Boks is trying to make things appear better at a cost to the animals. More are dying on their own from overcrowding. The refused kittens and ferals will just cause more cats to be killed next year.

The most important thing Boks needs to do is honestly get the intake down. Intake is down only 500 animals for cats/dogs. When you consider the fact that he refused 2,400 kittens, intake is actually up. The city is now more overpopulated with unwanted cats and dogs since he arrived because he has not increased spay and neuter enough.