Mason Exonerated of all Charges.

The Mason case is over. He has been exonerated of all charges: felony animal neglect, misdemeanor animal neglect, and even violation of MC 53.50.

We also need people to foster the animals above 3 Animal Services will allow him to keep.


Anonymous said...

Ed, why would you promise the powers that be ANYTHING? The only reason this is 90% over is because you publicized it. The whole point is that they can't control you, or anybody who's telling the truth.

We depend on you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Muzika for helping Mason and his cats! You're a hero! Without you they would have steam rolled the guy. He would have lost his cats, house and might have even committed suicide. You may have saved his life besides his cats' lives.

I hope the City learns a lesson from all of this. We are watching. We will not let them take down an innocent man and kill animals needlessly. If they put out a press release about raiding a hoarder, we will check things out. If the person appears to be innocent, we will help them, tell them their rights.