Mason Story Begins to Hit the Media

Pet Press' latest issue is out, Volume 9, Issue 4. Go get it. Tippi Hedren is on the cover.

Lori Golden basically accuses Animal Services/Boks/ACTF of staging a bust for publicly and thanks City TV35 by showing images that reveal the fraudulence of the raid (my wording).

She states Mason was likely busted because he reached out for help and that made him a perfect patsy for a staged raid.

She states she was shocked by what she saw on City TV35:

"Ron Mason was the most docile animal 'hoarder' there ever could be. Possibly because he wasn't guilty. Mr Mason stood there, calmly answering all the questions asked of him about the cats found on his property.

"Here is what really disturbed me. Ron Mason explained how he wasn't even a cat person until neighborhood cats started coming around his house. Like any humane person would do, he fed them. So more cats came around. And neighbors dumped cats on his property, because he was feeding them. He tried to get help from LA Animal Services with spaying and neutering. He took cats that were ill to his veterinarian. He constantly reached out for help, which in the end is probably what did him in."

Go see the rest of the article for yourselves and email your comments to Council and Bratten. Let everyone know what LAAS is really like.


Anonymous said...

Ron Mason was set up. Everyone knows it. The city hoped that no one would help Mason. They hoped they could just run him over with a trunk to get good video.

The psychologist at the end of the video is shameful. He said he will help Mason. No one even called him. No one helped him.

Anonymous said...

Ron's not the one who needs help. Nothing at all crazy about seeing a cat in need and doing your best to help. Nothing mentally ill about seeing a cat with a broken leg and paying a lot more than you can afford to get it well, get steel rods put in, and get the cat healthy and walking again.

There's nothing at all wrong with Ron. The ones who need the help are us. Because if Boks could, he'd come after each and every one of us worse than he did with Ron -- and Bratton and Villaraigosa would help him.

Ron's fine, except for the fact that he's had cats he loved stolen from him.

That being said, if the psychology people are going to go after Dr. Phil for ambulance-chasing Britney Spears, where are they when one of their own baselessly slanders a private citizen he's never even met on television?

Or is that okay?

Anonymous said...

Good for Lori!

She kicks ass!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lori for reporting honestly about that raid. Poor Mason. Poor Muffin. Boks ought to be ashamed of himself for what he did. The guy asked for help and just got a kick in the teeth.

Anonymous said...

I think what everyone here is consistently missing can be summed up by #4 saying "Boks ought to be ashamed of himself."

People, let's be clear on what we're fighting here. There is a time for soppiness, and there is a time for facing facts. A man who makes a living going from city to city, being given control of the fates of thousands of defenseless and abused (but voiceless) animals, and playing games with their lives for his own gain, is a sociopath.

Boks didn't screw up once and learn a lesson. He is doing here EXACTLY what he did in Maricopa County, EXACTLY what he did and was fired for in New York City. He lies about death, he kills animals for publicity or spite, he lets animals die of treatable illnesses and attacks by other animals -- all for personal gain, and to fool stupid women into falling for his transparent lies.

A sociopath by definition CANNOT feel ashamed of himself. A sociopath feels no remorse. A normal person who killed as many animals as Boks has out of incompetence would go hide in a monastery and beg forgiveness the rest of his life. But Boks just looks for a better gig. He feels NO sorrow for any dead dog or cat. He feels NO sorrow that he ruined Ron Mason's life. He sees the rest of us as suckers to be played, and every time someone says, "He should feel ashamed," what he feels is reassured that we still don't get it. He's safe because we're still stupid. Even ADL, who one would think might be so agenda-driven that they could recognize a brick wall when they see it, leaves flyers in Boks' neighborhood with a call to action that says, "Tell Boks to resign!"

He's NOT going to resign, unless he's forced. He's NOT going to change. He's NOT going to develop a conscience -- so stop thinking any of that is going to work. Because he's not our only problem. The only person who can fire him is a man who doesn't do the job we hired him for, who serially cheats on his wife, including while she's undergoing treatment for cancer, and who has demonstrated NO interest in the killing of homeless and abused pets under Boks, nor in Boks' nonstop, public displays of incompetence.

Boks and Villaraigosa are two of a kind. They do not care about the feelings of others. They do not care what pain or hardship they inflict, if it benefits them. They feel no obligation to do the job they ran after. The only thing that will stop them is seeing that their present course of action will do them harm -- to their political futures, to their likelihood of not going to jail, etc.

There's a book by Martha Stout called "The Sociopath Next Door" that estimates for every 100 people, four are sociopaths, incapable of feeling remorse or empathy for the pain they cause.

Know your enemy, people.

Anonymous said...

Feral means wild. But in actuality, it should mean fear of the unknown human.
From the moment of birth, mommy ferals teach their young to be silent. Mommy ferals are either ferocious, caretakers, or they drop and abandon. They sit and watch and wait for the human to leave, so that they may return to claim their young. How many calls have I gotten per day that people find newborn kittens with no mother. If they were just left alone for awhile, mom would probably return and claim her young.

Perhaps she had them in an unsafe area and is moving the rest of the litter. She can't move 6 kittens at once, she only has one mouth. And if she's just given birth, she's extremely tired and weak. She'll move the strongest in the litter first, leaving the weak till last. Her birthing may have taken 24 hours and I've had some that drop kittens for 3 days. Ferals usually get pregnant during their first heat and that can be as early as 4 to 5 months. They're extremely inexperienced as mothers and protectors. They are still kittens themselves and would prefer to chase butterflies.

We have one six year old feral mom who gave birth at six in the morning on one of my rescuer's head in bed while he was asleep. He woke up with a scream. Mom proudly purred and half cleaned the kitten, leaving it for him to finish up. As far as she was concerned, it was his job to baby sit the two deformed kittens she gave birth to. She would nurse them and wash them and return them to his pillow no matter how many times a day he would put them in her box with her. Both kittens were born with flippers for front paws. One died. The other is strong and healthy, been x-rayed by a specialist who said the kitten did not have enough bone from the wrist to the two toes on each foot to do any type of surgery to correct it. She sits up on her hind legs and peers around. She reminds me of a kangaroo with short upper arms that turn inward. She gets around just fine at 8 weeks of age, but would never make it in a feral colony. Survival of the strongest you know. Unfortunately, older colonies are inbred and deformities such as "Flippers" show up often.

Feral cats are not part of the natural habitat. They are another human 'screw up'. Ignorant owners move and leave their house pet to fend for itself because there are "lots of mice to eat" or I've heard them say that "cats are great hunters". Where this mentality comes from bewilders me. This cat has given the owner unconditional love and trust and is rewarded with abandonment in an alley or apartment complex. Or, thrown out behind a restaurant. These pets were provided with their meals at home, probably from kittenhood. They don't know how to survive. And most of them don't. But the few that do reproduce and reproduce and reproduce. . . . . . .

I do believe in the larger metropolitan areas that this is such a huge problem because of the great influx of immigrants who have not been educated in their country's homelands about spay & neuter. Or, to even respect the life of an animal. A lot of them don't even respect human life, so how can they be expected to feel an animal life has value. Education. Regulation does not work (i.e. San Mateo County). Restricting adoptions to our new citizens? No. If they want a cat, they'll find one at a market or in a free ad.

Education and a strong spay/neuter and voucher program. And non profit rescue organizations that make a point of spay/neuter before adoption, or if the animal is too young, offer follow up care.

Prohibition--it is a proven fact. It does not work!

Laws and ordinances should be changed, to allow citizens to own more cats. Then, the little old lady collector wouldn't exist. She shouldn't have to keep her 30 cats locked in a house with all the windows closed and the drapes drawn. She'd be able to keep them in a healthier atmosphere with air circulation. But our ordinances have made almost everyone who is a pet lover--a criminal. Doesn't make sense to me.

The answer--vets co-operating in their own local communities and giving a day now and then to sponsor a free spay/neuter clinic. Accepting vouchers as full payment. Just because a person isn't wealthy, doesn't mean they can't be a wonderful pet owner. Let's help get more cats into more homes. Educate the public in their own language about spay/neuter and how to obtain vouchers.

Involve neighborhood watch groups to spay/neuter their own neighborhoods. It's not a difficult thing to do to set a trap and check it while you're on watch. Cooperation and organization of the transportation to and from the vet shouldn't be difficult. Getting the city to provide the vouchers in a timely manner is the biggest problem. Keeping these animals in spayed/neutered colonies in the neighborhoods should be the solution. A fed colony is a joy to watch. They're there waiting for you. Some come around and can be placed. The vet should ear notch at the time of spay/neuter so that any newcomers can be spotted easily. Ferals don't have a long life span. Predators such as coyotes, cars, disease and dogs, provide them with a short life. Maintained colonies will die out. All feral cats cannot be moved to other areas. We have to take responsibility in our own communities and take action.

Non profit groups are willing to assist with information, traps and sometimes with trappers. But they are just that. Non profit--no budget--no income. Most run with only volunteers--not paid. Don't abuse them. They are not government funded. They are funded only by donations. Volunteer to help the rescuers in your area for a few months. Answer phones, return calls, It's unbelievable how rude and demanding the callers are. Their behavior runs a lot of volunteers off with the comment "who needs this" when they really wanted to help the animals.

People wonder why rescuers are so hard, and rude and short tempered. Come answer our phones for a day.

Where do my opinions come from? I am the founder and director of Angel Puss Rescue. I'm old, and have dealt with only feral cats for 44 years. I'm going to school to learn more about feline disease and intern for two of the greatest vets I know. Experience is a great teacher and If you're patient and observe our feline friends, they have a great deal to teach us. Just sit and watch a feral mom and her kittens for a few hours. Or... set a trap in a feral colony and watch the "smart one" that can't be caught.

Note: Marge Weems is the Director of Angel Puss & Pooch Rescue, an non-profit rescue operation in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California.

Anonymous said...

Marge Weems was busted for true animal cruelty twice by LA County, LA City and SPCALA. I went to Angel Puss. 99% of the cats were sick. Her volunteers told me they neutered cats without a vet on the premises. They said they gave horse medication to the animals because no vet would work with them. If a cat was dying, the drug addicts would OD the cats on their illegal drugs. Marge Weems is not a 501 3c but tells everyone she is to get donations. She is not allowed to run a rescue or have pets.