Department to Take a Large Budget Hit

According to the November 23, 2007 Commission minutes:

In the current fiscal year (07-08), the Mayor and the Council approved a 5% efficiency cut for the Department’s Budget. Although $20 million was needed to pay all the Department’s salaries, $1 million was cut. The Department however, was able to survive the reduction because the Mission Valley Animal Care Center and the expanded Harbor Animal Care Center did not open.

For next year’s Budget, the Mayor has instructed the Department to somehow establish requested additional or expanded programs with the budget that the Department already has.

The City of Los Angeles has negotiated an agreement with the unions representing many of the Department’s employees, which Council will soon approve, that will give a cost of living adjustment of a 2% increase as of past July, another 2% increase this upcoming January, and another 3% increase next July, for a net total of a 7% increase in salaries.

Additionally the Mayor has also asked for an 8% efficiency cut in Department budgets. In order to meet the Mayor’s request, the Department is proposing to execute one or a combination of the following scenarios:
Not open one of the new animal care centers.

Close one of the centers to the public and use it as a training facility and a center to hold evidence animals.

Reduce the operation hours of the animal care centers.

It sounds like the 8% cut is across the board while the 7% hike was just for salaries. Depending on who you talk to or what you read, the current budget is from $20 million to $34 million depending on whether you count paper clips or PERS contributions.

Boks would like the last solution as it would cut his already faked kill numbers by 15%.

Imagine, Stuckey hid his numbers thinking he was not doing a good job cutting killing by 11%. Boks knows he is not doing a good job and fakes numbers that proclaim he is cutting killing by 11% (or 7%, or 15%, or 23%, or...)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the City blames the humane community for their mistakes. Members of the humane community TRIED to give Linda Gordon who's in charge of the project input about the shelters.

She was told her eight years ago that they must have sun, weather protection outside. That's actually federal law.

She was told that rabbits cannot be left exposed outside. That's the law.

Linda Gordon would say she'd make sure it was in there then she'd do nothing. She was reminded her many, many times.

She hated even just talking to people in the animal community. She literally thinks we're all terrorists. She kept deleting things from the plans to save money because the costs started to rise because things took longer than planned.

Now we have to go back and spend even more money to redesign and fix her errors. I can't believe she's blaming us.

Prop F says protection from elements is the law as per the Animal Welfare act which is federal law. It's also LA City law.

Anonymous said...

Linda Gordon's another friend of Jim Bickhart's, isn't she?

HOW did this guy end up as Vilaraigosa's point man on animal issues?

Let's hope he runs Villaraigosa's campaign for governor. Then we won't hear from either of them ever again.