Comment on Mason Case Re Other Comments

Some comments are just so beautiful I feel obligated to post them separately. This one is in response to an Ed Boks' surrogate's comment:

Ed M. is right (and Ed B. or Ed B.-surrogates, AGAIN - stop trying to muddy the waters).

If Boks had nothing to hide he would produce the documents that have been legally requested.

And if the Mason bust had been legitimate then Ron Mason wouldn't have spent November 6th sitting by himself all day in San Fernando Courthouse, waiting for a City Attorney who never showed up for his hearing. If Ron were a felonious animal abuser Cocek wouldn't decline to prosecute.

The thing you people who visit this blog to discredit Ed M. forget is that YOU ARE SCREWUPS. Even with a guy like Ron, who basically offered himself up to you by being so open in his dealings with LAAS - you can't do one thing right.

You invite a City Inspector who isn't in charge of Ron's area. You hang cats in mid-air and let a news photographer take a picture of it. In the space of one 22-minute video you say Ron has good intentions, but you're charging him with a felony, oh -- and that you've been dealing with him for years -- so apparently it wasn't THAT BAD of a felony until now.

You call him crazy and then think you can obtain legal consent to question him on-camera, in handcuffs, no less.


Although you are criminals you are no good at crime.

Although you are liars, you are no good at trying to sow doubt on this blog.

You are sad, incompetent power freaks who choose defenseless animals and almost equally defenseless humans as your vehicle to fame. You are idiots and even if Antonio Villaraigosa is so stupid and shortsighted as to not see what you are - WE DO.

So go follow your own slime trail home. You can't wreak your damage here.


Anonymous said...

Ferber and Boks are very close. I'd say he has a conflict of interest. They like to go out boozing together, swap stories about female rescuers. Mason won't get a fair shake at the hands of Ferber. This case is in Cocek's district. He should be handling it legally.

Anonymous said...

For all of us who can't be there in person but will be there in spirit, tell Ron "Good Luck!" and let us know what happened.

BTW, thanks Ed, for keeping this in the forefront. Corrupt people like Boks flourish in the dark. Thanks for blasting some sunlight on these creeps.