Bernstein's Use of the City Attorney's Office to Run Competition Out of Business

Again, what I write below is hearsay although much of the court case involving BHLE was in transcript online. It sounds plausible given evidence in the transcript plus knowing Cocek's ties to SPCALA, including co-teaching classes on seizure procedures, and now Delgadillo's trying to shut down a Bernstein competitor. The below is how Cocek allegedly drove BHLE out of business. Posts from a few months ago give all the press citations about this story so I won't repeat them.

When the BHLE officers went to swear in before a judge, the judge said "okay, you're sworn in and legal." BHLE said "No,we are supposed to say an oath with our hand on a bible." The judge said "you don't have to do that. No one's done that in years." So, BHLE then thought they were legal. They had a judge's order that said they were legal.

They got a search warrant to go after Angel Puss and a quail farm. They went in, took the animals...then released a press release about the bust. It was ALL OVER the news, tv, papers...

SPCALA got jealous. Some articles said "Angel puss had been reported to the authorities for over 15 years but no one did anything." SPCALA looked bad so madeline told Cocek to shut them down.

He went through their paperwork with a fine tooth comb and saw the error. He went to court to invalidate their search warrant. He basically helped out the worst hoarder in the world. They were neutering cats in a store front, no vet, no meds.

Anyway, they went back to the judge that made them legal. He apologized and said it was a technical error. They asked to say the oath but weren't allowed.

Then the LAPD went and raided the homes of all BHLE people. The cops showed up at 5 a.m. handcuffed everyone, tossed their homes, asked them questions like "admit you are ALF!" and "Where are your drugs and weapons," and "How many cats do you have?"

They kept telling the police "we do vegan outreach, we're not ALF."

Know what? spcala officers didn't swear in with an oral oath either. Itcould invalidate all their cases...but that would be stupid.