Head of the ACTF Responds, And My Response

Good morning Mr. Muzica,

It was my belief that we resolved many of the issues that you list here when we exchanged emails back in June, specifically that the focus of the Animal Cruelty Task Force is and has been aggravated animal abuse and blood sport and that the amount of time spent by the on hoarding issues is minimal. We also discussed some of the issues in the Mason case, and you were advised that some procedural changes resulted from an internal review of that case.

The efforts of the ACTF and the collaboration between LAPD and LAAS have resulted in remarkable inroads into addressing animal cruelty and other animal welfare issues. As we strive to become more effective, any suggestions you have to accomplish that would be appreciated.

I have asked to be briefed on any current activities involving the two locations you mentioned. We have tried to work with the two individuals to ensure that the conditions that existed previously did not recur, and that is our responsibility. As I indicated in the prior email, any effort you and others can make to assist those residents would also be appreciated.

Carol Aborn


Hi Carol,

Call me Ed, please.

It is my understanding that a lot of visits by AS or the ACTF to people allegedly with too many cats are off book and therefore would not be reflected in any stats given to me as a result if my request for records. However, we do have records for dates of visits for several people who were raided.

Madow stated to me on many occasions that ACTF told him they did not have the manpower to investigate the dead cats he found on his front lawn. Ditto Mason. Madow continues to claim that cats are disappearing in his neighborhood and nothing is being done. Perhaps they are being trapped using live traps from LAAS, or perhaps they are being poisoned.

The complaining neighbor's boy had been throwing rocks at the cats when he still had any outdoors and AS and ACTF said nothing could be done unless the cats were actually injured and the incident witnessed.

Therefore I see aggression against cats as not responded to, but considerable time being spent investigating Marc's neighbors if he has too much cat activity.

I write this email now and make the request because both addresses have been the sites of recent ACTF activity--during summer months which given any impounds, would be the immediate cause of death for many cats.

Given that the Kennel law is entirely arbitrary, Beverly Hills has a 5 cat limit and Santa Monica HAS NO LIMIT FOR CATS OR DOGS WHATSOEVER, I am amazed that LAAS/ACTF sends out teams of officers to question neighbors about someone else having more than 3 cats. I was told by a shelter worker there that they do not raid and confiscate for too many cats or dogs, and if there is a complaint, they merely inform the resident that there was a complaint against them. However, Santa Monica does require residents not to let their cats roam outside.

Santa Monica states they have no problems with alleged collectors, hoarders, or people with more than 3 cats. But it seems that a central core problem so far as LAAS and the ACTF is concerned, is with people having more than 3 cats. This is just amazing.

Ed Muzika


Anonymous said...

Carol Aborn DID NOT respond to your PRA or provide any of the information you requested.

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

Anonymous said...

The question is, is the ACTF a kinder, gentler Task Force or are they just going to be better at following the procedures that will keep their noses clean while kittens die? I strongly suspect the latter unfortunately. He Mason is clearly on their radar and it's just a question of when and what they will do rather than if they will do anything. Living peacefully and being left alone is unfortunately not in the cards for Ron Mason. He is well past the fail safe point with those who murder animals under the color of authority.

I doubt they see the simple fact that they are murderers, actually serial murderers.

Anonymous said...

Do you have contact information for Carol Aborn? I'd love to give her a piece of my mind, or several.

Ed Muzika said...