No Vote Tonight on TNR in Beverly Hills

The Audubon Society contacted Beverly Hills staff demanding a CEQUA Study. Their Council did not believe a study was necessary, but referred the matter to the City Attorney.

Most persons who talked opposed the liability insurance requirment for the TNR colonies as well as specific identification of location.

The matter is continued.


Hoping For The Very Best said...

Until when is the matter is continued, please?

That poor woman. She is more than fortunate that has this tremendous support from all the right people. Can you imagine being all alone in this? Plenty of people are.

Did you go to the meeting? Were there mean people there?

I hope nothing but the very best for this woman and her cats.

Ed Muzika said...

It hasn't been scheduled. It has to go through the City Attorney's office after the complaint by the Audubon Society. Urban Wildlands is also part of the lawsuit against Los Angeles.

So, the Urban Wildlands Group and I believe 2 Audubon societies are preventing TNR in Los Angeles. They sued LA and LA City Attorney has forced Animal Services to divorce themselves from any TNR related activities.

Cocoanlace said...

The Audubon issue is not what I consider too important at this juncture. What is important is that the ordinance seems to be written by people who know little about the feeding and trapping of ferals. (Even though rescue groups were thanked for helping with it.) For instance, Mayor Nancy was surprised to learn that we trappers do not leave the trapped cats in the alley over night, frightened and vunerable. Nobody had bothered to tell her or her council the basics of TNR. Those who spoke (I was there from 7 to 11 p.m.) tried their best to suggest revisions to this onerous ordinance. But at 11:00, the council members were again voicing their opinion that the rescue partners needed to pay for the liability insurance (how does one insure trapping?) and the costs of spay and neuter, etc. They were not volunteering to finance their proposed TNR plan. Two of the council members said their first concern was the happiness of the BH residents. So if trappers do decide to do TNR in BH, they'd first need to solicit comments from residents within 150 feet and if these resident said no way, trapping would cease. It's just crazy.

Anonymous said...

There's a little more to the LA situation. Urban Wildlands heard that LA wanted to do TNR as an official policy. Urban Wildlands and Audubon sent them a letter and told them they must do an environmental report first to determine what negatives may exist and how to deal with the negatives.Boks said "hell with that!" and just started doing TNR as a city policy. He stupidly bragged about it to the media about starting a TNR colony in the police station and near the beach. He also stupidly added that the Audubon suppports TNR, when they do not. Audubon sent Boks and the city telling them that they do not like Boks telling people they support tnr when they do not.

There were many complaints about the tnr colonies Boks set up in the police stations and beach. The health department was brought in because of flea infestation and feces all over the place. No one was cleaning up after the cats. Health dept and LAPD shut down the tnr colonies because of feces, urine, fleas and threat of disease.

Urban Wildlands and Audubon finally sued the City after Boks started these colonies without even considering the environmental effects

OMG #4! said...

Thank you for this thorough background on my birthday.

" Health dept and LAPD shut down the tnr colonies because of feces, urine, fleas and threat of disease. "

OMG, #4. What happened to those cats when LAPD and the Health Dept. shut down those colonies? What does that mean? Did they just stop feeding them? I hope with all of my might that someone stops feeding the people who starved those cats to death if that is what happened.

Unbelievable. Those poor, poor cats. What idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Are you telling me that the cops killed off their own colony because not one of them was doing even the most fundamental cleaning? Why on earth would they start a colony and not know it needed a bit of tending? Was it too much for the big boys in blue?

Your info is wrong. It was the Mayor's Office who told the cops and animal services to end the colonies because of the lawsuit.