Santa Monica Allows Backyard Cat and Dog Kennels

I just talked to the acting head of Santa Monica's animal shelter, Stan Hernacki. Stan has been with the shelter for over 20 years.

Stan said he was asked by their Council 15-20 years ago to do a study of the number of busts they did regarding people with too many cats. The study revealed they did 2 or 3 in a ten year period of time, despite having no limit on the number of cats owned.

He said during the past five years there were no such cases. Any impounds were for single or animals.

He stated several people have built cat or dog kennels in their back yards that cause no neighbor complaints whatsoever.

He stated sometimes SMAC responds to neighbor complaints of excessive smell or nuisance conditions, and they do investigate. He said, for example if they found 30 cats living in deplorable conditions due to an owners inability to maintain the cats, they might give an order to reduce the total number to 15 or face further action. If conditions persist, they could and would seize under Californian Penal Code 597, but they have not.

He says it is not a matter of how many animals but the conditions the animals live in.

Once again, this leads me to question the logic of a 3-cat, 3-dog limit, irregardless of living conditions, as well as the excessive time that is spent by Animal Services and the ACTF enforcing such limits.

By the way, Santa Monica is currently interviewing for a permanent shelter director if anyone is interested.


FYI said...

This practice of allowing animal rescuers to build kennels in their yards should be passed onto the bullies in Tulare County who impounded Coral Kerr's dogs and cats, killed three dogs without her knowledge and several cats. When she signed a release for the animals to go to a veterinarian in Brea, the transporters and she noticed how filthy Tim Brown, Manager of the Tulare Animal Control has allowed the shelter to become....diarrhea and urine in the kennels where the animals have to lie down. This guy should be fired and Kevin Marks one of his superiors just turned away and ignored the mess and stench. What they have done is what they accused Coral of doing, keeping dirty quarters for her pets, so they confiscated them and after holding them for almost three months, her animals are sick, losing their fur, traumatized beyond comprehension and this deadbeat Tim Brown and his co-hort Kevin Marks don't give a damn. Those poor animals, no wonder shelter animals are scared to death...

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