Wayne Paacelle Video on Michael Vick, and Vick's Video on Himself



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These are some of the comments posted on Facebook:

Sunday AnkromI love HSUS, and always will. I do not agree with the decision about Sick Vick.
These are the Facebook Comments on the Video

Patti FergusonI love ya Wayne. You are the epitome of a great humanitarian. That said I wish I could feel different. I think Mr Vick is blowing smoke and it will come out. He has a long history of abuse, lying, drugs etc. Even his body language says "Liar" He is a scab on the worst ass of mankind.
about an hour ago

Evan DeutschWonder how much money he is giving them?
about an hour ago

Emily Dabney TaylorIf he can truly be a good role model for others who face the temptation of dog fighting then I'm all for it. But if he's just sorry because he got caught... Anyway, only time will tell. I hope he really wants to change and produce change!
about an hour ago

Wayne PacelleYou're correct, Emily. Time will tell. If he saves one kid from fighting one dog, then we think it's worthwhile.
about an hour ago

Rachel MorrisVick needs to go back to jail. Honestly I'm sad to see this from the HSUS.
about an hour ago

Valerie HolmesI just had wished the NFL never agreed to take him back. Now he's back to making the millions he once was, and for what he did, in my mind is not right. It's not setting any example for any kid out there that wants to start fighting dogs. It's showing them that it's acceptable to behave in this kind of manner. He needs a FULL time job with the ... Read More
about an hour ago

Patti FergusonConsidering the punishment he did not get, I think just the opposite. He is showing no matter what a terrible person you are, you can lie and get by with a high paid atty and get off easy. Then go back to making your millions as if nothing happened. He didnt suffer at all. He is showing young men that it can be done, if you are a good enough liar and can cover your tail well enough.
about an hour ago

Val HughesWayne, I'm sorry, but saving one kid from fighting one dog is a a cause that you could pursue on your own, you don't need Michael Vick. How many other kids are going to say: Look, he fought dogs and he's still a star - they made him say all that crap so he could get out of jail. Didya see all that cool stuff he did to 'em?
59 minutes ago

Patti FergusonHere here, Val. That's exactly what I said and what I think
58 minutes ago

Kris EiternickRIGHT ON PATTI. Like Rachel I'm sad to see HSUS supporting sick vick.
58 minutes ago

Danni Holm ArmstrongMr. Pacelle's video about his meeting with Vick points out where the focus needs to be: prevention and protection. Not on judging the sincerity of Vick's apology. Vick could possibly reach people that HSUS cannot reach. I beleive he has no choice if wants to live in the public eye with any sense of peace.
57 minutes ago

Lisa DionPeople do deserve second chances. I think HSUS is doing EXACTLY the right thing.
56 minutes ago

Stephanie LevyWayne I think you and the NFL made a grand error in judgement. Vick and his camp must of struck a huge financial deal to entice HSUS. I fear you have already lost many of your loyal fans. Vick is a sociopath, it's clear to most - a torturer, a murderer - if the dogs had been humans his sentence would be life or possibly death.
Animal abuse is a ... Read More
54 minutes ago

Katie McHenryI'm glad the HSUS posted this, because I agree with their decision and I've repeated myself over and over again to people who don't understand the reasons why they're allowing Vick to help them in their endeavor to put an end to dogfighting. Hey, I think it's worth a shot! Michael Vick IS someone who can reach a part of the youth population that

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About 30 seconds of vic's time at the mic was about his "mistake". The other 60 seconds was about the NFL.

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA