Six Year Statistics On Animal Services Performance

The stats and charts below are from Brad Jensen, of Outside of increased adoptions, there is virtually no change except increased impounds. Killing is down 5% compared to 2004, but up almost 25% since 2007, the year Ed Boks made thousands of animals disappear, and the number of animals that died in the shelterwent through the roof as he stuffed multiple dogs in each kennel for months. The number killed + died in shelter seems stuck at about 20,500 per year.

The one major improvement is adoptions, up 4% compared to 2008, but up 51% compared to 2004. Returned to owner rates are the same as six years ago when the number of impounds were fewer, meaning the department is performing worse now in returning animals. The number of animals that died in shelter is the same as five years ago despite having six vets now instead of two or three. New Hope rescues are the second worst in six years. All in all, there has been only modest improvement despite opening six new shelters, adding a hundred employees and four additional vets.
The live save rate of dogs and cats is 61%, which is about 7% better than 5 years ago. Most all of that improvement is with dogs.


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