The GM Search Process and Upcoming Meeting

The job bulletin will be completed after the January 12th public hearing held by the Animal Services Commission.  It's expected to emphasize the desire for candidates who understand the no-kill ethic and share the City's desire to achieve it.  However, other aspects of expertise and experience probably will be factored in as well.  It is expected to be circulated widely beginning around January 20th and we can anticipate that the application process will be open until enough good candidates have applied to move the process forward. Ultimately Villaraigosa will make the final choice.

I hear the search firm is reviewing any and all input it gets from anyone, both solicited and unsolicited, regarding the what kind of person, and who, should be hired.  However, they have not contacted me or Winograd so far despite several emails to them that they interview him about the hiring process. So review may mean, "read then toss out the window."

I also hear that about 80% of the sentiment collected so far from the 350 participants leans in the direction of preferring "progressive" candidates and Villaraigosa long ago stated his desire to keep moving in that direction.  And that doesn't even count the 100% pro-no-kill sentiment expressed by unsolicited e-mailers and callers.  Despite what we've read in some skeptical e-mail blasts, no one we know of is actually advocating against no-kill in this search.  As always, the big question remains just how close can LA actually come to no-kill compared to smaller cities that don't face LA's union and civil service problems.

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